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Software Professional Services offers HPE ITSM customers three sets of services. Strategic Advisory Services include workshop, discovery, and roadmap services to help define business and IT strategies. Solution Consulting Services help you to define a solution architecture, design, and processes, and conduct integrations and implementations. Software Implementation Services accelerate time to value with deployment, upgrade, and migration assistance.

Key Benefits

  • サービスデリバリ、保証、ITガバナンスを最適化
  • ハイブリッドデリバリおよびサービスブローカー運用モデルを活用
  • マルチソーシング環境におけるサービスソーシングと管理を改善
  • お客様のサービスポートフォリオを改善し、サービス投資をより効果的に管理
  • 市場投入時間を短縮し、イノベーションを促進し、ビジネスとITの整合性を強化
Additional Resources

Solution brief

HPE Software Asset Insight Service

(PDF 150KB)

Service Brief

HPE Asset Manager as a Service

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