Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization

Acquisisce ed emula le condizioni reali della rete per consentirvi di eseguire test prestazionali di rete al fine di rilevare e correggere eventuali problemi prima della distribuzione dell'applicazione.

How to Optimize Your Apps for Any Network Conditions

Check out this video to see how you can get an easier and more accurate process to test and optimize your applications with HPE Network Virtualization software.

(3:04 Minutes)

Funzionalità principali

Individuazione e acquisizione

Individuate e acquisite le condizioni reali delle prestazioni della rete, come la latenza, la perdita di pacchetti, i limiti di larghezza di banda e il jitter, e ricreate queste condizioni per eseguire un test delle prestazioni della rete.

Virtualizzazione e test

Utilizzate la virtualizzazione della rete per testare le prestazioni delle applicaizioni rispetto alle condizioni reali delle prestazioni della rete e vedere come queste ultime si ripercuotono sulle prestazioni delle applicazioni già prima della distribuzione.

Analysis and Optimization

Analyze results and gain insight into the root cause of network performance bottlenecks by using performance testing and performance engineering software to ensure that the rolled out application is optimized for target network performance.

The Secret Sauce to Awesome Applications: HPE Network Virtualization

Excessive network latency or packet loss doesn’t just make your app respond slower, it can also cause the application to behave erratically or even fail outright. Most web and mobile apps are sensitive to the impact of the network—their behavior and scalability change over different network conditions. Find out how to control and optimize for any type of network.

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Gain Insights on Your Performance

What is YOUR app performance? Submit your URL and get a custom 20+ page report within minutes. For free.

First impressions are not that important but they are the ones that last. Use our network virtualization software and see what is affecting your user’s experience. Deploy the custom recommendations and optimize your app to ensure that you deliver amazing user experience. Simply register, enter your website URL, and within minutes receive precise and actionable analysis that shows you how your app is behaving under different network conditions.

The Value of Network Virtualization Software

If you need to justify the investment in network testing software, all you need to do is calculate the cost of failure in production. By not emulating real-world network conditions during your performance testing, you are very likely to get failure(s) in production. Fixing the problem is more costly than minimizing or even eliminating it before deployment.

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Data sheet

Optimize application performance - All about Network Virtualization

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White paper

A Proven Strategy

(PDF 1.28 MB)

Data sheet

Next evolution of NV capabilities - Network Virtualization for Data Center Relocation

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Five-star Performance Win Customers with World-class Application Performance

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Avoid Inadequate Approaches to Application Testing

(613 MB)

Data sheet

Test your applications in true-to-life conditions

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White paper

No weak links

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