Key Benefits

Business View

Learning that is designed to enable better business outcomes through role based training on the foundational concepts and goals of DevOps.

Common Culture

A dynamic approach to education content development and delivery that helps overcome cultural resistance by uniting teams through common terminology, defined processes, documented business goals, high competency standards and visibility across the organization.

Skill to Succeed

A comprehensive portfolio of DevOps and solution training that spans roles and technical levels so that every team member has the opportunity to build the skills to succeed for DevOps success no matter what stage in their transformation journey.

Continuous Education

Using our rapid, collaborative, all-in-one approach to authoring, eLearning, content management and distribution promotes moment of need and up to date content for continuous education with or without a LMS.


Solving the Challenges of Cultural Resistance in DevOps Organizations

The idea economy is about turning ideas into business value, and doing it fast. Watch this video to learn about the cultural challenges that impact any IT transformation, and how resistance can be overcome through education and training.

(3:15 Minutes)


Gartner Survey Analysis: DevOps Adoption Survey Results

Learn how IT leaders must be prepared to change organizational culture and address skills gaps to be successful.


5 Ways to close the IT-Business Culture Gap

To meet the demands of the idea economy, IT needs a new style of learning. A strategic focus on education can help you create a common culture—and close the gap.

(PDF 543 KB)


Gartner: How to Avoid the Five Most-Common IT Automation Pitfalls

See how culture and people contribute to the pitfalls.




Easing Culture Shock HPE Community for IT Business Leaders




Public DevOps Training Classes




Training Plan Guides


Case study


Singular Training Approach Underpins KRAFTTRANS Expansion


(PDF 468 KB)

Data sheet


Simplify budget and planning using Training Units


(PDF 202 KB)

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