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Proteggere i dati più sensibili al mondo

Micro Focus è uno dei maggiori esperti di soluzioni di crittografia dei dati, pseudonimizzazione, tokenizzazione e mascheramento per la riservatezza dei dati aziendali e la conformità normativa. In tutti i settori industriali, dai mandati di conformità come PCI e GDPR alle nuove iniziative IT come l'analisi dei dati e la migrazione al cloud, le aziende fanno affidamento su Voltage SecureData per rendere sicure le informazioni archiviate, in transito e in uso nella propria essenza, per una protezione completa e senza lacune.


Shield 6
Sicurezza centrata sui dati end-to-end

SecureData neutralizes data breaches across the data lifecycle, securing data whether it is at rest, in motion or in use, by embedding protection in the data itself.

Data protection with usability


Cloud gear
Ease of implementation


Big Data Security
Big data security

SecureData for Hadoop and IoT protects big data streaming into and beyond the data lake, allowing secure analytics to be enabled on protected data at massive scale with lower risk. Access to data can now be safely expanded, enabling businesses to create new value and optimize operations at the speed that your organization demands.

Protect Big Data
Cloud data security

SecureData Cloud runs cloud-native for trusted security assurance, by seamlessly protecting data consistently across hybrid IT. SecureData Cloud accelerates new business models by promoting the safe deployment of flexible workloads when adopting hybrid IT infrastructure.

Protect the Cloud
Cloud Data Security
Enterprise Data Privacy
Enterprise data privacy

Our solutions provide a comprehensive and persistent framework for data security, managing and protecting data throughout its lifecycle. Businesses lower the risk of data breach and the high costs of compliance while safely making data available to applications and processes.

Protect Privacy
Edge protection

Voltage SecureData Web and SecureData Mobile protect sensitive data captured in the ecommerce browser and native mobile application. Data is secured from the instant the customer enters their personal, health, or payment card information, through web tiers and IT systems, to the trusted host. SecureData deploys easily with as few as three lines of HTML code and is transparent to end users.

Protect the Edge
Edge Protection

Add data-centric protection to your most important initiatives

Effective and efficient data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) capabilities offered by SecureData combine extensive data security and audit functionality with simplified data protection.

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