What's Your Data Doing for You Today?

We make the possibilities of data tangible for your business today. Whether it's finding the crucial customer insight or creating a foundation for growth, Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers you a history of expertise and comprehensive solutions to help your organization bridge to tomorrow through a data-driven foundation.

Featured Big Data Software, Solutions and Services

SQL Analytics

Vertica Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics platform that allows organizations to extract value from their Big Data.

Data Analytics


Performs unstructured text, image, audio, and video data analytics across multiple languages.

Big Data Verticals

Big Data Industry Solutions

Solve issues and profit from the opportunities that your enterprise faces.

Big Data Cloud

Haven OnDemand

Cloud-based big data platform to analyze all forms of data and leverage APIs to create next-gen apps and services.

Cloud Analytics

Vertica in the Cloud

Delivering speed without compromise to support cloud-based Big Data analytics initiatives.

OEM Software

Big Data OEM

Embedded Big Data analytics that provide unique insight to help customers meet OEM business requirements.

Big Data Services

Big Data Professional Services

Harness the power of all your data with professional services.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Gain data insights and business value from the proliferation of connected devices and machines.


Big Data Platform

Provides the capability to handle 100 percent of enterprise big data to deliver actionable intelligence.

Big Data Software

Know exactly what you need? Take a look at our entire Big Data portfolio.

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Big Data Conference 2016

Missed the conference? Tune in now to watch recorded replays and highlights.

Analyze Your Data With the Free Vertica Community Edition

Fully experience the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform at no cost and with no time limit! Manage and analyze up to 1TB of data across three nodes, on premise or in the cloud, for an unlimited time, and explore dark data sitting in semi-structured formats across your organization.

On the Road to Big Data 20/20

Download this eBook and learn how HPE's IT team started using big data analytics to generate new reports that help predict sales, improve IT service levels and address customer needs.

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What's New in Big Data

Solution brief

The 5 Big Benefits From Big Data

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Press release

HPE Introduces HPE Vertica 8

Analyst report

Modernizing Your Data Warehouse for Cutting-edge SQL Analytics

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HPE Advanced Big Data Analytics World Tour Keynote – Silicon Valley

(63 Minutes)

Analyst report

The Current State of Data Analytics Usage in Industrial Companies

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Press release

HPE Accelerates Application Development With Haven OnDemand


IDOL: Text and Rich Media Analytics

(4:12 Minutes)

White paper

Become a Data-driven Organization With the Internet of Things

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