The Next-Generation IT Operating Model with IT4IT Reference Architecture - eBook

Discover how using IT4IT concepts based on a value chain model can help you identify and tackle the most critical challenges of IT transformation.

A value chain is an industry-standard business structure: a set of activities that create value in response to what users need, while optimizing the use of resources, minimizing waste, and mitigating risk. By measuring IT according to the value it creates, you define performance criteria for meaningful results, rather than optimizing just one aspect of the organization.

Learn how you can use IT to add value at every stage of the service lifecycle.

Table of Contents:

3    Creating value in a user-centric world

8    IT value stream 1: From Strategy to Portfolio

12    IT Value stream 2: From Requirement to Deploy

16    IT Value stream 3: From Request to Fulfill

21    IT Value stream 4: From Detect to Correct

25    The supporting activities to the IT value chain

26    How to apply the value chain framework: Next steps for the CIO

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