The Journey to Hybrid Cloud: A design and transformation guide (eBook)

This book describes the journey to setting up and using hybrid cloud environments. Based on the authors’ substantial body of experience over many years, it focuses on how to achieve the most appropriate cloud solution based on specific use cases. 

Topics that are covered include:

  • Planning a cloud migration strategy
  • Tools, services, and methodologies
  • Organizational considerations and design challenges
  • Workloads and application placements
  • Cloud architectures and building blocks
  • Perspectives on the future of multi-cloud and cloud native platforms

Written as a practical guide to achieving top results, the book contains numerous examples of real-world scenarios, lessons learned, and best practices. As the migration of organizations’ IT operations to multi-cloud hybrid environments continues to evolve, a key takeaway for readers of this book is to acquire a more complete understanding of how to evaluate, plan, and navigate the most successful pathway through the clouds.

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Tue Jul 17 16:51:18 PDT 2018