Quality Center Express

Quality Center Express


The industry leading quality management platform, now available in even more flexible packaging

Quickly build manual tests

With proven industry best practises architectured into the platform, Quality Center Express allows teams to quickly build manual tests and schedule them for execution.

Sprinter: Faster, more accurate testing

Since manual testing still happens on many projects, we've included the Sprinter tool to help teams more accurately build and execute tests. Enhancements such as storyboard capture and smart defect creation help the team to both run tests faster, and more clearly communicate the nature of a defect; allowing the team to triage faster.

Manage and resolve defects faster

'Cannot reproduce' is still one of the most common frustrations that teams face when trying to resolve a defect. Quality Center allows teams to quickly connect related assets together to better understand impact, and automatically log context and step details during execution, so there's less 'detective work' required to understand the nature of a defect.

Schedule automated and manual tests

As projects progress, the quantity of test assets will grow - this is a good thing. But with quantity comes potential complexity. With Quality Center, tests can easily be scheduled to the right time or team-member and connected to the right release or cycle - ensuring everyone stays focussed on the right activities.

Actionable metrics and reporting

Knowing the right data is key to making the right decisions, and Quality Center has a full suite of reporting capabilities to allow the team to make sure the most actionable decisions, at the right time. Whether it's a list of which tests have passed or failed, or how many tests have unresolved defects associated with them all the way to  'My To-Do List' - Quality Center has you covered.