Network Node Manager i

Network Node Manager i

Does Your Network Performance Drive Your Business?

Networks and their applications are essential business enablers and your business simply can’t afford slowdowns. Network monitoring software from HPE drives the performance your physical and virtual networks and efficiently scales to meet the requirements of the largest global networks.

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Key Features

Network Monitoring

ncrease staff productivity and efficiency by consolidating and correlating fault and performance data while reducing the need for separate diagnostic and network monitoring tools.


Get unparalleled scalability and flexible deployment architecture in this distributed and federated solution, which allows you to reduce hardware footprint and improve TCO and ROI.

Network Topology

Rapidly determine and monitor device inventory connectivity and ensure highly accurate network topology with our powerful Continuous Spiral Discovery capability.

Smart Plug-ins

Extend monitoring, fault isolation, and performance tools to specialized domains.

Intelligent Automation

Improve operator productivity and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by leveraging a broad set of intelligent automation features, such as the management-by-exception paradigm and the deterministic causal engine.

  • HPE NNMi dashboard views can contain multiple panels of data pertaining to the entire network, a specific object (for example, a node or interface), or a group of objects (such as a Node Group or Interface Group).

  • Leverage the power of a single pane of glass. You can select multiple work spaces with tabular, graphical, and form-based views to help you perform tasks and display device details in the analysis pane.

  • Choose reports from a menu that lists report types commonly required by customers to analyze network performance, health, and trends.


HPE NNMi dashboard views can contain multiple panels of data pertaining to the entire network, a specific object (for example, a node or interface), or a group of objects (such as a Node Group or Interface Group).

A Quick Profile of Network Node Manager i

As part of an overview of the network performance monitoring segment, Andrew Froehlich of West Gate Networks profiled HPE Network Node Manager i including the Smart Plug Ins. Click here to hear from Andrew and to get a quick overview of the solution. When you’re ready to learn more, download our datasheet to get the full capabilities of this powerful network monitoring tool!

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Nouveautés de Network Management 10.10

Vos outils de surveillance des performances pourront-ils suivre le rythme lorsque votre réseau passera des périphériques physiques aux périphériques virtuels ?

IPC Leverages HPE to Support Business Growth

IPC is a global provider of network services and trading communication technology for financial services. To support growth, IPC needed a network monitoring system that matched the scalability and resilience of its service provider network. A satisfied user of HPE Network Automation, IPC worked with HPE Platinum Partner Melillo Consulting to select HPE Network Node Manager i.

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Nomura Securities Chooses HPE for Network Monitoring

When Nomura Securities decided they needed better network monitoring for their new data center, they chose HPE. As Japan’s leading securities company, the importance of the network was paramount. To enable this modern network, Nomura Securities chose Network Node Manager i and Network Automation as their preferred solution citing MTTR and economic system management as two of their key criteria. Learn the whole story and the benefits Nomura achieved in this enlightening case study.

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Analyst Report


HPE Meets Enterprise It Network Management Needs Through Integrated Suite

Research Report


Network Evolution – Are You Ready to Leap?

White Paper


Make Network Management More Efficient



NNMi 10.00 – Making a Perfect 10!

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