Cloud Service Automation

Cloud Service Automation

Cloud Service Automation Module Specifications -why

Cloud Service Automation Module Specifications

A broad, complementary portfolio of cloud service management products you can install that integrate with other HPE and non-HPE products, on top of a standard installation of Cloud Service Automation.

CSA Optional Integration Modules

Asset Manager for Cost ManagementThis integration propagates catalogs, service subscriptions and deployed services from CSA to Asset Manager that generates bills for the consumers of the services.
Executive Scorecard for Business ReportingGain insights into business performance with financial and ROI reporting. Advanced reporting and analytics with break-down by different parameters.
TippingPoint for SecurityEnables Tipping Point customers to extend existing processes and tool to secure virtual infrastructure while providing network and security policy visibility and management into virtual networks.
Amazon EC2 for Public CloudProvision compute infrastructure in Amazon EC2 environment, one tool for ordering in both private and public cloud environments.
Microsoft Azure for Public CloudProvision compute infrastructure in Microsoft Azure environment, one tool for ordering in both private and public cloud environments.
HPE Database and Middleware Automation (DMA) for Oracle and WebsphereEasily create service offerings that deploy Oracle database or WebSphere application server by using DMA solution packs. Subscribers can now order Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or even multi-tier services that include Oracle database and WebSphere application server right from their CSA catalogs.


Additional Resources

Solution brief

HPE Services for Cloud Service Automation

(PDF 183 KB)

Analyst report

VMware: 'To the private cloud and beyond'

(PDF 829KB)

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