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You can get HPE Mobile Center for a free 45-day trial license. After the trial period, you need to install a valid license from HPE to continue working with Mobile Center.

Term licenses

Licenses are entitled for concurrent access to a device. You can purchase the initial 4-license pack and get additional licenses if you need them.

Starting at
3 and 6 months licenses are available

Need additional term or perpetual options? Our Sales rep team can help customize a solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A simple, flexible, affordable way to try Mobile Center
    • Simple:
      We based pricing on access to devices or emulators regardless of the type of activity, such as exploratory testing, functional testing, or mobile monitoring.
    • Flexible:
      You can scale your solution up and down, from a 3-month term to a perpetual license.
    • No hidden costs:
      Mobile Center offers a single gateway that expands HPE Software products to mobile technology.
  • How the licensing works?

    Start with a pack of four licenses and add single-unit licenses on top as you grow. The good news is that there is no restriction on the number of connected devices. The license restricts only the number of devices or emulators you can use in parallel.

  • How the trial works?

    Mobile Center comes with a 45-day trial. After the trial period, you need to install a valid license from HPE Software to continue using Mobile Center.

  • 9x5 Support

    With the license, you get 9x5 support. To upgrade the software during your term, you can download the update. At the end of your license, the support expires. For perpetual licenses, you need to purchase support separately.

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