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GDPR: Make Compliance Good for Your Business

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important new regulation involving individuals’ information to emerge: it provides the foundation for how multi-national organizations and government agencies must protect sensitive customer information and how they can derive value from enterprise data. Watch the video to get started.

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PwC Defines Role of Technology as Principle Factor in Achieving GDPR Compliance

In order to prepare for the May 2018 deadline, organizations must interpret the GDPR requirements, map technology to them, and quickly identify the correct information to be tightly managed and protected.

Information insight is the key to solving these challenges of large volumes of data and high levels of complexity.

The risks are high -  lost customer confidence, security breaches, fines, sanctions, and potential lawsuits.


How We Do It

Micro Focus delivers a modular set of solutions that are focused on specific GDPR use cases to enable compliance. Our market-leading security and information management & governance software is underpinned by rich analytics to help you streamline your compliance efforts. We can automatically identify the most-critical and sensitive data, which we can protect in use, in transit and at rest. This unique combination of modular solutions and deep information insight helps our customers leverage data with confidence, to grow the trust of their customers, and to make GDPR good for their business.

GDPR - Overview

Solutions to Help You With GDPR

Micro Focus solutions help manage and protect your data in accordance with GDPR enabling you to grow your business with confidence.
  • Data Security

    Data Security

    The new GDPR calls out encryption as an approach to mitigate risks associated with the processing of sensitive data. Micro Focus has one of the largest and most varied portfolios for encryption and security.

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  • Information Management and Governance

    Information Management and Governance

    Micro Focus’ information management & governance solutions help organizations classify, and take action on, sensitive customer information that may be subject to GDPR regulations. In doing so, this technology not only helps protect the bottom line from the risk of fines and sanctions, but also provides a foundation that can drive top-line revenue with greater strategic insight into customer or market needs.

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  • Security Operations

    Security Operations

    This is an ideal opportunity for organizations to review their entire security posture, with a view of understanding the processes and controls that need to be implemented in order to protect the privacy of EU citizens.

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