ArcSight Data Platform

ArcSight Data Platform

Enhance data collection with security context to lay the foundation for intelligent security operations.

Key Features

Open Architecture for Versatility

Leverage data across the security posture for a wider range of applications and multiple business-specific uses.

Scalability with Variety and Speed

Support large environments by managing a wider variety of data at higher consumption rates.

Easier Management

Configure, manage and monitor entire environment efficiently through a centralized console.

Data Collection for Security

Augment data with security context in real-time enabling faster threat detection.


Press Release

Announcing ArcSight Data Platform 2.0

Online Assessment

How Mature Are Your Security Operations?

Data Sheet

Prepare data for intelligent security operations


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Solution Brief

The next generation of data collection


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Press Release

HPE Uncovers Dangers of Data Collection in Mobile Applications

Data Sheet

ArcSight Logger Software Sold through partners only


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ArcSight Data Platform Software Specifications

    Single Node Cluster1
Initial Data Ingest Rate   5 GB/d 5 GB/d
Data Ingest Rate Increments   5 GB/d 5 GB/d
Maximum Data Ingest Rate   500 GB/d 20 TB/d
Maximum Storage for Compressed Event Data   12 TB 480 TB
Maximum Storage for Uncompressed Event Data   120 TB 4.8 PB
Compression Ratio   10:1 10:1

1Cluster of up to 40 nodes; mixed software and appliance