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Performance Center

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Performance Center

Plan and execute tests across multiple global projects. This application testing software provides software testing tools and consistent processes to help you create a performance testing center of excellence.

Key Features

Enterprise-Level, Centralized Platform

Increase efficiency and reduce cost by performance load testing any application through a globally accessible platform for sharing best practices and resources.

Mobile Testing

Carry out mobile performance testing for both browser-based and native mobile applications using the most advanced network and service virtualization.

Cloud Testing

Run simple, elastic, realistic tests from multiple geographies by scaling cloud testing up and down to meet the demands of business applications.

Continuous Testing

Integrate performance testing into your development environment including IDE, continuous integration, and build systems.

Advanced Analysis and Reporting

Identify bottlenecks by integrating non-intrusive, real-time application performance monitoring (APM) and diagnostics in test environments, and compare and fine tune tests with production monitoring data.

Most Comprehensive Technology Support

Support testing for the broadest range of applications—including legacy technology, packaged apps, and the latest in Web 2.0 and mobile applications—using advanced scripting capabilities.

Performance Center Screenshots

  • Dynamic online graphs with enhanced usability.

  • Enhanced usability and added the ability to define time ranges using the Scheduler Assistant graph.

  • The Admin Dashboard displays usage reports and graphs for a single or multiple projects in a flexible, Web-based user interface.

  • The Protocol Granularity report shows the Vuser script's protocol usage.

  • The NV Insights report analyzes and compares application behavior over several network conditions.

  • The Transactions Summary screen shows the response time for each transaction over the different network conditions.


Dynamic online graphs with enhanced usability.

End-to-End Performance Testing


A single, enterprise performance testing platform where globally distributed engineers share a common testing infrastructure. All licenses consolidated into a single, easily accessible pool. Simple, single-instance installation and upgrade. Imagine no more. Performance Center does it all.

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Load-Test Applications in and from the Cloud

Execute performance tests from load generators in the cloud or on your premises behind a firewall to simulate and improve application performance across your enterprise.

Top Performance Testing Tools

See IT Central Station's crowd-sourced stats.

Take Performance Center Out for a Test Drive

Don’t take our word for it, try it out yourself. No cost. No installation. See what traceability from performance requirements to defects looks like.

Building High Performance Mobile Experiences

According to Forrester Research, a great user experience starts with great performance. Read this in-depth report and find out what you can do to build a mobile app that drives amazing performance.

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White Paper

Load changes caused by mobile usage

(PDF 627 KB)

Data Sheet

What's New in LoadRunner and Performance Center Version 12.53

(PDF 275 KB)

Data Sheet

LoadRunner and Performance Center Protocol Bundles

(PDF 90 KB)


Address Load Testing Challenges with Performance Center

(PDF 248KB )

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