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攻克数字转型,将安全智能和风险管理作为工作核心。 保护应用程序和数据安全,推动以身份为中心的控制和智能,利用强大的分析功能检测已知和未知威胁。 Micro Focus 的解决方案包含一流的企业级安全平台,具有内置的可扩展性和分析功能,可推动安全性的未来发展。

我们的创新包括:本地实时日志解析,安全数据扩充和标准化;内置安全分析和强化的仪表盘;支持 Azure Active Directory 和 SIEM 解决方案的智能实时事件数据;由 AWS 托管的以数据为中心的安全;DevOps 和生产中均进行安全应用程序测试。

I need to...

Detect known and unknown threats in my enterprise

Leverage intelligent security operations software that gives you the broad visibility you need to find and mitigate threats more effectively.

Centrally manage identities to improve security

Build identity relationships between all users, devices, things, and services under management, whether on your premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid infrastructures. With an identity-centric approach, you can build secure access to sensitive information at scale.

Reduce organizational risk and monitor privileged accounts

Grant only the privileges users need, when they need them. Track privileged activities, manage controls, and record account activities for all credential-based systems across physical and virtual environments.

Track system configuration changes to guard against threats

Capture sources of context to protect critical assets by quickly identifying and resolving changes, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations in your current security configurations.

Have frictionless authentication and authorization controls

Deliver a frictionless user experience for more-secure access to sensitive information via an intelligent, business-aligned approach to access management. Strengthen authentication without restricting productivity.

Perform application security testing

Find and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, using static and dynamic application security testing.

Secure data at rest, in transit, and in use

Apply data-centric security to protect sensitive information everywhere.

Protect my corporate devices and data

Enjoy secure, identity-based protection for all your endpoints.

Protecting what matters most
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