Connected Backup

Connected Backup

Connected Backup

Connected Backup

Un logiciel de sauvegarde pour PC pour les applications et les données utilisateur stockées localement sur des ordinateurs d'utilisateurs finaux avec une option flexible cloud ou sur site.

Connected Backup

HP Connected Backup helps you eliminate the risk of user data loss from enterprise desktops and laptops. With anywhere secure access to protected data, your mobile workforce can remain productive while reducing the cost and risk associated with compliance and eDiscovery requirements. You can simplify and streamline data migration to new PCs during desktop refresh with Connected Backup to eliminate the need for costly, labor-intensive migration tools and IT intervention.

Key Benefits

  • Automated endpoint protection: Fully automated, easy-to-use, pc backup software: Connected Backup works in the background as users go about their daily tasks.
  • 85% volume reduction: Patented SendOnce and EmailOptimizer deduplication technologies allow you to reduce the volume of your backed-up endpoint data by as much as 85% across the entire enterprise.
  • Enterprise management and reporting: Enables actionable, efficient administration of large distributed enterprises, and proactive metric-based management of your backup.
  • Connected mobility app: Get access to pc backup data "on the go," via industry-leading tablet platforms, enabling your mobile workforce to be more productive, without compromising security or compliance requirements.
  • Flexible deployment: Can be delivered on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model, based on your business requirements.
  • Simplified eDiscovery: Reduce the time it traditionally takes to execute legal hold on laptops and desktops, and replace the high cost and prolonged effort of manual solutions with a defensible process.

Don’t Risk the Protection of PC and Laptop Data

By automatically protecting your data in the background, Connected Backup ensures enterprise-proven, secure, and efficient data protection without disrupting users at work.

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