Cloud Service Automation

Cloud Service Automation

Principales caractéristiques

Simplified Self-Service Portal

Offer line of business users a customizable, intuitive, self-service portal with a modern catalog shopping experience and mash-up capabilities.

Flexible, Heterogeneous Platform

Eliminate vendor lock-in by using open, extensible REST API support for multi-hypervisor and multi-vendor hardware, including private and public cloud.

Design, Orchestrate Full Stack Services

Deploy advanced infrastructure and complex multi-tiered application-platform services by using a built-in, flexible, graphical service designer.

Topology and Sequential Service Designs

Offer service application portability across a vendor- neutral ecosystem by using a sophisticated service design modeling based on TOSCA’s guiding principles.

End-to-End Service Lifecycle Management

Deliver enterprise-grade cloud services in minutes. Transform IT to become cloud service brokers and provide an informed, transparent IT delivery for the hybrid cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Management Suite


COMLINE Speeds SME Cloud Migration

COMLINE AG accelerated service delivery times and increased productivity up to 80 per cent—which led to fewer errors and improved customer service—and achieved return on investment in less than a year. Read about how they did it in this case study.


Solution Brief


HPE Services for Cloud Service Automation


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Analyst Report


Use IT Well, Spend IT Wisely


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Patching & Provisioning

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Continuous Delivery


Gain visibility to manage complex multi-tier application release and deployment across the application lifecycle.

Data Collection

ArcSight Data Platform

Collect, store, monitor and report machine data through this Big Data platform.

Connected Intelligence

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Informed management of IT process performance.

Agentless Monitoring


Agentless monitoring for your IT infrastructure and applications.

Consulting & Implementation

Software Services

Shape your IT strategy to achieve business value.

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