Security Operations

Security Operations

Security Operations - Why

Security Operations

HPE Security ArcSight is an intelligent information security operations and advanced analytics platform that dramatically cuts down the time to detect and respond to threats.

Transforming Big Data into Actionable Intelligence

ArcSight security operations solution is a comprehensive threat detection and compliance management platform with a flexible architecture allowing organizations to easily scale out their existing deployments.

Key Benefits and Features

Flexible Architecture

Easily expand the size and breadth of a deployment. Security teams can begin with a small, midsized or large deployment and add new processing or functional capabilities on the fly.

Speed to Value and Simplified SIEM

Easily setup and maintain your SIEM solution with predefined and out of the box correlation rules, use cases and reports.

Real-time Correlation

Automate threat prioritization and identify and respond to true threats.

Non-stop Compliance

Automate complex compliance tasks, meet regulatory requirements and make compliance programs more efficient, effective, and auditable.

Security Information Ecosphere

Access to cutting-edge security information whether you are a small or large SOC.

New Innovations Drive More Integrated, Intuitive Approach

New innovations in security analytics, application security, and data security combine power and flexibility with ease-of-use, helping organizations fearlessly innovate and more intuitively build security in to protect, detect, and respond to the evolving threat landscape.


Security Operations Products

Data Collection

ArcSight Data Platform

Collect, store, monitor and report machine data through this Big Data platform.


ArcSight ESM

Prioritize security events, so you can protect your business.

SIEM Appliance

ArcSight Express

SIEM appliance for mid-market that helps combat APTs and insider threats.

Security Compliance

Compliance Insight Packages

Built in content for compliance for compliance analytics and cost-effective monitoring.

Enterprise Security Management

ArcSight Risk Insight

Understand your potential business risk from security events.

ArcSight Apps

ArcSight Marketplace

Explore ArcSight apps, documentation, community sharing for ArcSight SIEM best practices.

The Business of Hacking

Learn about your newest competitor – the hacker – and how to disrupt their business to protect your own. Enterprise security, combined with a comprehensive security plan and an expert team, is essential to plan effectively against the business of hacking.


Growing the Security Analyst

Explore the aspects of recruiting, training, and retaining security analysts. Hiring skilled security analysts is a methodical approach to finding a candidate that can be successful in this challenging role.

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