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Seven Steps For Product Privacy Harmony

The following Privacy Lifecycle describes HPE’s seven steps for achieving privacy harmony during software development. It defines processes and ensures the proper privacy controls (technical, legal and regulatory) while providing holistic governance coverage. This seven step Privacy Lifecycle complements our Security Lifecycle Management framework.

Privacy Lifecycle

Conducting software products' privacy

Seven steps for software products privacy harmony

Step 1 – Engage the organization: 

The initial levels for creating organizational privacy culture

Step 2 – “Privacy Attention” Product rating: 

Map the products privacy sensitivity

Step 3 – Privacy Impact Assessment:

Create the privacy risks

Step 4 – Product Privacy Profile () Analysis:

Define the product grade for information privacy hazard and mitigation plan

Step 5 – Operational Privacy Governance:

Privacy controls during product operation

Step 6 – Regulation and Compliance:

Follow-up privacy trends

Step 7 – Breach Management: 

Have a response plan ready


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