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Network Automation Trials and Downloads

Take full advantage of our powerful, easy to use Network Management software. Download the version of your choice—or download them all—and immediately start seeing the results you need.

Product Evaluation Software

Download and install a free 60-day evaluation of Network Automation. Or browse the list of other Network Management trials and free downloads. Experience for yourself the full potential of HPE network management software.

Configuration Management 

Network Automation (Version 10.20)

Manage the change, configuration, and compliance of the network. Includes:

• Change management processes

• Full compliance management including regulatory or internal compliance requirements

• Efficient audit reporting

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Fault Management 

Network Node Manager i (Version 10.20)

NNMi unifies fault, availability, and performance management for the network into a single centralized console. Explore enhanced root cause analysis, network discovery, and fully integrated performance metrics.

NNMi WindowsDownload Now
NNMi LinuxDownload Now
NNMi iSPI IP TelephonyDownload Now
NNMi iSPI MulticastDownload Now
NNMi iSPI MPLSDownload Now
NNMi iSPI NETDownload Now

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Performance Management 

NNMi iSPI for Metrics

A complete multivendor environment for collecting, alarming, and reporting on a wide variety of network performance metrics. Includes a reporting solution for trend and operational analysis.

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NNMi iSPI for Traffic

Find out if mission-critical applications have sufficient bandwidth. This comprehensive reporting solution supports all common flow types with a wide range of reports for centralized operational traffic analysis.

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NNMi iSPI for Quality Assurance

Monitor the quality of service levels of your network. Discovers preconfigured SLA probes and gathers their performance metrics. It identifies SLA exceptions and provides instant notification.

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Free Tools and Utilities

Enjoy the power of "free". Download any or all of these tools today. Each tool was designed to fill IT management gaps where fast and efficient tools may be required.

Fault Management 

Ping your Network for Windows

Ping each host in a given network and retrieve reachability and hostnames for network devices on any subnet. No need to depend on or build your own scripts. This tool provides its own UI.

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User Registrations Viewer for Microsoft Lync for Windows

This utility provides a detailed dashboard for admins to quickly inventory Lync users and at the same time delivers data on client versions, physical server connections of users, registrar pool information, and lots more.

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Network Port Scanner for Windows

Scan devices for open and used ports at a blazing rate. The easy-to-use UI helps you view the status of ports on scanned devices and enables you to export the data into a CSV file.

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VM Reporter for Windows

Save time using VM Reporter to list the data centers, ESX Hosts, virtual machines, virtual switches, and distributed virtual switches that are managed by a specified VMware vCenter Server.

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Network Automation Trials and Downloads -3

Performance Management 

Host/URL Checker for Windows

Now you can constantly monitor the availability of your most important systems or web-based services. Use this tool to monitor an IP address or a URL. It flags unreachable or unresponsive targets and displays a short history of the most recent results for each test.

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Network Flow Analytics for Windows

Measure your network traffic effortlessly with Network Flow Analysis and extend your network monitoring capability beyond checking your network interfaces for utilization and errors.

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Configuration Management 

Network Device Configuration Inspector for Windows 2.00

Automate the backup of your device configurations to a version control system. Network Device Configuration Inspector for Windows 2.00 automatically stores the collected configurations in an included version control system.

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NNMi Community Edition 

NNMi Community Edition

Now NNMi Community Edition is available for download absolutely free so you can experience the power of Network Node Manager i. This edition enables your network operations team to effectively manage a network of 25 devices at no cost.

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