Software Support

Software Support

HPE Software Enterprise Support

IT business that run 24 hours a day, need fast access to experts who can diagnose and resolve issues and give advice on software features. HPE Enterprise Support gives businesses the right level of service to meet the demands of today’s economy.

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Software Support is Business Support

You invest in software and you want optimal performance. You also must keep systems up and cost down in a complex global business environment. The good news is that you’re not alone. With HPE Software Support services, you get a world class partner who understands your business and will help you increase uptime, reduce Total Cost of Ownership, and drive business outcomes. Our 25 + years of expertise and 1,700 global support professionals will ensure your success.

HPE Software Enterprise Support makes up a portion of the entire HPE Software Support Portfolio

Maximized Uptime

Resolve technical issues efficiently through regular product updates, patches, and fixes, and 24x7 access to multiple HPE customer support options.

Global Support

Get self-service, follow-the-sun case handling, including local language experts and unlimited access to Software Support Online for information, documentation, and self-solve features.

Personalized Service

Engage with familiar, named HPE technical support experts to proactively drive case avoidance, minimize disruption, and reduce risks by using FlexCare Support.

Optimized Resources

Lean on expert HPE software support services engineers to help expand the use of your software, drive adoption, and focus on innovation instead of having to micromanage operations.

Realize Value

Transition from only managing operations to delivering desired outcomes and exceeding business goals by using FlexCare Support.


Maximize Value and ROI from Your Investment

The right level of Value Added Services is the key success factor in achieving maximum value in the shortest time. You can proactively manage the adoption lifecycle value gap risk and meet the demands of today’s new style of IT by using the right level of services.

Flexible Support to Meet Your Needs

Get the most out of your software and empower your business. For more than 25 years, our IT experts and wealth of resources have helped thousands of customers just like you to optimize their IT environments and respond effectively to business demands.

HPE Software Support Services offers comprehensive services to meet your specific needs wherever you are in your software and business cycle.


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HPE Software Enterprise Support


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HPE FlexCare


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Online. On-site. On your side.


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HPE FlexCare Credit Menu Services


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