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Web Application Monitoring

HPE AppPulse Web is a web application performance monitoring solution that tracks the real user experience of your web applications. Operations and DevOps teams receive actionable data to understand user experience and prioritize issues impacting most users to achieve amazing user experience.

How AppPulse Web can make your applications standout.


FunDex delivers a unique user experience benchmark index.  It's an easy to understand score combining all of the key data points, provides you with a great way to determine where you can improve performance and how happy your users are with your web application.

No code changes, tagless

Implementing AppPulse Web is an extremely simple process. You don't need to change code or add any tags so your release cycles can stay on track.

Web application analysis

  • Automatically monitor every web page load , SPA pages load and Ajax request from your users’ browsers
  • See critical metrics for webpage performance – page views, load time, and failures
  • Use the page-load-time breakdown to see where time is being spent
  • FunDex Score

    User experience Fun Index score for web applications that gives you a top-level view of issues that negatively impact the user experience.

  • Pages Performance view

    AppPulse Web  measure web page load time, includes SPA pages, as perceived by your users, letting you see slow load component and AJAX calls that impact user experience. 

  • Pages Stability view

    Know the number of page views with errors, focus on most impactful problems and get detailed information like error codes and AJAX errors calls that impact user experience.

  • Single Page Application (SPA) pages view

    Measure UI performance and stability of SPA pages, focus on critical issues and quickly troubleshoot using Trace integration.


User experience Fun Index score for web applications that gives you a top-level view of issues that negatively impact the user experience.

Ready to get started?
Try AppPulse Web for free. Start monitoring your web application performance, and get enhanced capabilities as soon as we add them.

Follow these steps to start:

  • Sign in and download the Java agent for your app
  • Follow on-screen instructions to install agents on your servers
  • See web performance information within minutes


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(1:12 Minutes)


How to Perform Problem Isolation in Distributed Systems

(5:11 Minutes)

The HPE AppPulse Suite Products

Synthetic Monitoring

AppPulse Active

Improve web application performance and availability through synthetic web monitoring.

Mobile Monitoring

AppPulse Mobile

On-demand mobile application monitoring and analytics to improve user experience.

Application Monitoring

AppPulse Trace

Solve UX performance issues at the transaction level with SaaS application monitoring for code-level visibility.

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Get free AppPulse Web for 3 months, start tracking real user experience of your web applications, includes SPA pages and Ajax calls

Now includes AppPulse Trace Express for FREE, Provides code-level visibility so you can solve performance issues at the transaction level.