Application Lifecycle Management

Gestión del ciclo de vida de las aplicaciones

Application Lifecycle Management

Gestión del ciclo de vida de las aplicaciones 

ALM software y soluciones optimizados Lean, Agile y DevOps le ayudan a publicar el software más rápido con calidad para la innovación empresarial y una increíble experiencia de usuario digital.

Deliver Apps with Speed, Quality and Scale

Entregue aplicaciones con velocidad, calidad y escala

Las soluciones y el software HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) permiten a equipos de todos los tamaños entregar aplicaciones de gran calidad y con mayor velocidad y agilidad. Al combinar los productos de ALM software, DevOps y las integraciones de herramientas de desarrollo a través de una API REST abierta, un amplio ecosistema de socios y un enfoque metodológico agnóstico, HPE ALM aumenta la velocidad de lanzamiento al tiempo que equilibra la calidad de la aplicación y mejora la colaboración a lo largo del ciclo de vida.


Application Lifecycle Management

Gain actionable insight and strong team collaboration across the software development lifecycle with ALM Software. Ready for the challenge of lean, Agile and DevOps, ALM enables teams to build, test, and deliver applications fast and with confidence regardless of development methodology.

Agile Project Management

A lean, mean, agile machine. Agile project management software unites product and project teams and fosters continuous improvement through real-time visibility into Agile tasks, metrics and progress.

Quality Management

Keep quality at the center of Agile delivery. Quality Center is built upon industry best practices for test management enabling teams to manage test planning, test execution, defects and overall release quality.

Application Lifecycle Intelligence

Included as a core part of the ALM Software Solution - Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) integrates widely used development tools with ALM and surfaces analytics' based insights to deliver apps faster.

Open Source Integrations

ALM software is designed for easy integrations via a well-documented set of REST APIs. HPE ALM software supports integrations with over 70 widely-adopted open-source and commercial development-management solutions.

ALM Products & Services

Software ALM

Servicios de gestión del ciclo de vida de las aplicaciones

Introducing the Next Generation of ALM

Designed to help customers accelerate their DevOps processes. HPE ALM Octane leverages widely-used developer toolsets to bring continuous quality to lean, Agile, and DevOps-focused teams.


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DevOps in 2017

5 predicciones para mantenerse por delante.



Case study

HP IT’s nimble switch to Agile Manager


(PDF 529 KB)

Analyst report

Ovum: Selecting an Agile Project Management Solution


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Analyst report

Forrester: Modern Software Requirements


Haufe Group uses ALM to speed market delivery


(3:30 Minutes)

White paper

State of Application Lifecycle Management


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Web event

Introducing the Next Generation of ALM


(March 22, 2016 )


Accelerate your business with HPE ALM


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Empower Agile Teams with Agile Manager


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Analyst report

Projects at Work: How Mainstream is Agile project management?


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Web event

Vivit: five things to know when choosing a SaaS platform

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