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Gestión de sistemas

Una consola de gestión de sistemas de TI integrada que unifica los datos de eventos y rendimiento en entornos tradicionales, virtuales y de nube para acelerar la reparación y la eficiencia de las operaciones.

Reduce IT System Management Costs

Las empresas modernas confían en infraestructuras de TI complejas compuestas de servidores, almacenamiento, redes, middleware y otros componentes de aplicaciones para respaldar sus servicios empresariales críticos. Las soluciones de gestión de sistemas le permiten obtener una perspectiva exhaustiva de su infraestructura de TI y proteger de forma proactiva su negocio mediante la consolidación de eventos de rendimiento y de error usando una combinación de supervisión con y sin agentes.

Server Diagnostics

Gain visibility and control with a real-time server diagnostic tool that tracks system performance metrics across applications, processes, and threads.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Consolidate infrastructure monitoring tools: 100+ monitor types cover utilization, response time, usage, and resource availability across your heterogeneous host and application platforms.

Application Monitoring

Cut time spent troubleshooting with HP SiteScope agentless application monitoring, providing heterogeneous and hybrid support, quick time to value, and ease of installation, configuration and use.

Customized Reporting

Get all your questions answered with application monitoring software that gives you flexible reporting and graphing across your entire IT infrastructure.

Capacity Planning

Make the most of your virtual environments with capacity planning, first by optimizing and right-sizing them, then by quickly troubleshooting any latency issues as they arise.

System Performance Monitoring

Reduce repair time with system performance monitoring by analyzing real-time performance dashboards and historical data from various domains.

Products & Services within Systems Management

Agentless Monitoring


Agentless monitoring for your IT infrastructure and applications.

Capacity Planning

Cloud Optimizer

Quick and efficient performance monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization of virtualized and cloud environments.

Operations Management

Operations Manager i

Automate with model-driven event correlation and common health dashboards.

Application Monitoring Software

Operations Smart Plug-ins

Application monitoring software to gain deeper application level intelligence.

System Performance Monitoring

Performance Manager

Reduce MTTR across application infrastructure with real-time performance dashboards.

Server Diagnostic Tool


Real-time performance diagnostic and triage tool for IT Administrators.

Operations Management Services

Operations Management Services

Manage the health of business services, enterprise applications, and IT infrastructure

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Try this easy-to-install and simple-to-use free IT systems management software and virtualization tool today. Download and begin to experience the benefits in minutes.


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What’s new in the Operations Manager i Management Pack for Infrastructure...

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HPE delivers full BSM to INFOTEC

Related Systems Management Products & Services

IT Reporting

Operations Bridge Reporter

Model-based, cross-domain IT reporting and forecasting to optimize business services.

Continuous Monitoring Services

Converged Security Services

Manage and secure your IT environment holistically with efficiency and speed.


IT4IT Value Chain Services

Services to help you develop a blueprint based on IT4IT reference architecture for managing the business IT.

Software Education

Education Services

Empower your teams. Boost software adoption. Strengthen your business.

Consulting & Implementation

Software Services

Shape your IT strategy to achieve business value.

Customer Support

Software Support

Meet your IT challenges with industry-leading service and support.

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