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The ART Enterprise Learning Edition (ELE) is a new learning solution from HPE that has all the capabilities of our flagship ART product and more. As a client/server application ART ELE provides the ability to centrally manage the eLearning content creation process. ART ELE delivers content management capabilities to rapidly create, manage, and distribute eLearning within a collaborative environment.

Key Capabilities

Centralized Content

Centralized content management and distribution enables organizations to continually and easily evolve their educational content, while capturing and managing invaluable front-line experience.

Business Insights

Out of the box reporting and metrics, provide up to date business insight.

Development Workflow

Define workflows to streamline processes and ensure best practices in rapid content development.

Personal Learner Portal

Users access all of their content, provide feedback, collaborate with teammates, and received personalized notifications relevant to their learning.

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Like classic ART, the Enterprise Learning Edition helps customers make the most of their software investment by raising user adoption, saving cost, reducing risk and accelerating time to value. ART ELE improves the continuous education process as collaboration and workflows speed content delivery to the field.

HPE ART Enterprise Learning Edition (ELE)

HPE ART ELE is a rapid content development platform for the cost-effective creation of comprehensive IT education, documentation, and performance support content. Content management and collaborative features make it an excellent solution for a large enterprise.

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Accelerate Learning and User Adoption

High quality training content produced by HPE experts is available out of the box with ART ELE. Organizations can rapidly customize this content to accelerate user enablement and software time to value.



Continuous Education for new style of business


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Data sheet

HPE ART Services


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