Power Applications with Applied Machine Learning

HPE IDOL es una plataforma unificada de análisis de datos que admite 1000 formatos de datos entre los que se incluyen contenidos de texto, video, imagen y audio. Proporciona acceso preconfigurado a 150 repositorios de datos dentro y fuera de un cortafuegos. HPE IDOL, basado en tecnología de alta calidad de eficacia probada y en innovaciones como el aprendizaje automático y las redes neuronales profundas, proporciona perspectivas antes ocultas revelando tendencias, patrones y relaciones para ayudarle a conocer en profundidad los perfiles y las acciones de sus usuarios con el objeto de personalizar el suministro de información.

Análisis de texto y contenido multimedia basado en el aprendizaje automático

Descubra las tendencias, los patrones y las relaciones de los datos no estructurados con análisis de autoservicio fáciles de usar proporcionados por HPE IDOL.

Funciones clave

Harness Virtually Any Data

Access virtually any data sources behind and outside your firewall, and index data without relocation and disruption. Learn more about HPE Connectors.

Personalized Knowledge Discovery

Unlock patterns, trends, and relationships, and personalize knowledge delivery based upon user profiles and actions by using the latest innovations in machine learning and Deep Neural Networks.

Rich Media Intelligence

Monitor, process, and analyze text, image, audio and video data on one platform with flexibility by using modular deployment options. Gain comprehensive insights by seamlessly indexing rich media data directly into IDOL. Learn more about rich media analytics and video surveillance solutions.

Business Intelligence for Human Information

Accelerate productivity with an intuitive and customizable visualization interface right out of the box to perform self-service analytics across diverse use cases. Or, take advantage of IDOL’s ease of integration and bring powerful analytics to your application of choice.

Enterprise Grade Security

Preserve and stay up-to-date on security entitlements without compromising performance by using strong data access protection.

Natural Language Question Answering

Elevate productivity with intuitive information exchange in natural language. Extensive support for diverse question types such as “how do I turn off roaming on iPhone® 7?”, “what was the earnings per share (EPS) of HPQ (HP Inc.) in Q3 16,” or “what did critic X say about movie Y?”

Enterprise Search and Data Analytics for Context-aware Applications

Learn about IDOL’s extensive capabilities to harness text and rich media data for contextually relevant knowledge discovery across diverse sources. Examine typical use cases and discover how the visualization tool may streamline analytics workflow.

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Extract Insights from Human Information in Any Language or Format

Understanding the complex structure and often ambiguous meaning of human language is difficult especially in today’s world of social media. NLP (Natural Language Processing) alone falls short. Learn how IDOL addresses the NLP gaps and provides a broad spectrum of functions to automate knowledge discovery from over 1,000 file types of human information.

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7 Tips for Developing an Effective Strategy for Unstructured Data Analytics

Make unstructured data work for you. Get advice on technology considerations from analysts, along with best practices for creating an unstructured data program that delivers real business value.

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Increase Your Return on Human Capital

It’s hard to extract insights when massive amounts of data in diverse formats come at you at a breakneck pace from countless sources. Human talent is key. Amplify that talent with augmented intelligence to make better decisions faster.

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Maximize Your Image and Video Assets

Image data is growing explosively! Learn how to efficiently and effectively extract insights from a wide range of images such as human, objects, and text characters.

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