Information Governance

Information Governance

Information Governance Solutions

With data volumes growing exponentially and increasing demands being placed on how to access and leverage this data, information governance is experiencing a rebirth. Once considered a problem that was too complex and expensive to solve, HPE information governance solutions can unify data silos and work with existing data architecture to help organizations manage and take action upon this data.

Information Archiving

Centralize data from key information sources (e.g., email, IM, social media, voice, and video, plus structured data), across the world and across the enterprise. As the world’s largest archiving provider (based on total data archived), we help customers every day proactively prepare for litigation, comply with sweeping industry regulations, dramatically lower IT storage costs, and gain value from enterprise information.

Enterprise Content Management

Leverage accurate, contextual, and complete information throughout its lifecycle with HPE Content Manager, an enterprise content management system designed to help government agencies, regulated industries and global organizations manage their business content from creation to disposal.


Our eDiscovery software helps corporations, law firms, and government entities prepare for, and react to, legal matters involving large amounts of data—regardless of type or location. A pioneer in legal holds, early case assessment, and Technology Assisted Review, HPE helps organizations solve the full breadth of eDiscovery and investigations challenges, from data collection through production.

Secure Content Management

Managing volumes of diverse information according to regulatory and corporate policy is a critical part of any sound business strategy. The HPE Secure Content Management suite helps you govern data more effectively and meet regulatory requirements through consistent and repeatable application and enforcement of policies.

Unstructured Data Management

Access, understand, classify, and reduce outdated and invaluable unstructured legacy data with HPE ControlPoint. Our unique technology helps organizations defensibly dispose of redundant, obsolete and trivial information sitting in email repositories, file shares, and SharePoint sites. It also migrates the remaining information—that which it wants to retain and manage—into archiving or records management systems so this legacy unstructured data is managed with the same policies and rigor as its live data.

Structured Data Management

Relocate inactive data from expensive production database systems and legacy applications into archiving or records management systems. In doing so, we help you defensibly dispose of a subset of the information and ensure this legacy structured data is managed with the same policies and rigor as its live data. Learn more about HPE Structured Data Manager.

The Cost of Information Governance Non-Compliance

This ground-breaking research with over 200 compliance executives examines the challenges and opportunities facing information governance compliance. You’ll learn the nature of this risk, the average annual costs resulting from non-compliance, and how risk can be effectively reduced.

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The Top Three Information Governance Best Practices

Learn how information governance can help you reduce the risk of information-related compliance fines. This exclusive research examines the data governance and data management best practices of those organizations who reported no fines or sanctions in a recent compliance survey.

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Information Governance Solutions and Services

Enterprise Content Management

Content Manager

Governance-based ECM system for government agencies, regulated industries, and global organizations.

Fraud Protection

Investigative Analytics

Detect patterns, anomalies and trends to proactively investigate risk events and non-compliant activities.

Data Archiving

Information Archiving

Archive data in a consistent, defensible solution according to regulatory, legislative and business requirements.

EDRM Solutions


Span the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) with a single vendor to reduce risk and cost.

Policy Based Governance

Secure Content Management

Govern enterprise information to meet regulatory, legal and internal cost-saving requirements.

Big Data Services

Big Data Professional Services

Harness the power of all your data with professional services.

Customer Support

Big Data Customer Support

World class support to ensure Big Data success.

Are You Prepared for GDPR?

HPE information management & governance solutions help organizations protect sensitive customer information in accordance with GDPR requirements. HPE ControlPoint and Structured Data Manager facilitate complete and cost-effective data classification to identify data that is responsive to GDPR, while our Secure Content Management and Adaptive Backup and Recovery Product suites help customers take action on in-scope data. This technology not only protects the bottom line from the risk of fines and sanctions, but also provides a foundation that can drive top-line revenue with greater strategic insight into customer and market needs.

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Information Governance: Too Important to be Left to Humans

Manual information governance is time consuming, tedious, subjective, and prone to error. Why risk it? Improve searchability, accuracy, and productivity by automating information governance. Check out this infographic to learn more.

(PDF 504 KB)

Leaders in Info Governance: What Keeps Them up at Night?

This infographic from a recent information governance survey highlights challenges within highly regulated industries for managing, storing, and securing data. Find out the information governance challenges that executives say they face.

(PDF 576 KB)


Analyst report

Quantifying the Value of ControlPoint for Unstructured Data


(PDF 1.2 MB)

Analyst report

Information Governance: Too Important to be Left to Humans


(PDF 2.7 MB)

Analyst report

Survey: HPE Research Program for Highly Regulated Industries


(PDF 6.9 MB)


A Day in the Life of Compliance


(3:30 Minutes)

Analyst report

Info Gov in EMEA: Where Compliance Can Save You More


(PDF 813 KB)

Analyst report

ESG Showcase: Information Governance Considerations in Life


(PDF 654 KB)


Leaders in Info Governance: What keeps them up at night?


(PDF 576 KB)

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