Secure Content Management

Manage information security, privacy, and compliance across enterprise systems with reduced risk, complexity, and cost.

Secure Content Management improves information governance

By integrating file analysis, structured data management, and governance-based enterprise content management, the Micro Focus Secure Content Management (SCM) Suite balances collaboration and productivity needs with information security, privacy, and compliance across enterprise systems with reduced risk, complexity, and cost.

Retina scan
Content analysis

Identify sensitive and high-risk data to categorize and apply policies to govern access and retention.

Block based replication
In-place management

Unstructured content can be managed in-place or moved to a secure repository while structured data extracted from database applications has security and access controls applied prior to intelligent archiving.

Doc find
Powerful search and reporting

Find the permissible data you are after easier.  Real-time access and reporting are supported without the need for legacy applications.

Reduce risk and protect privacy across enterprise systems

Enhance compliance for structured and unstructured content in both active and inactive systems

Expert insight from the Micro Focus Protect Conference

Learn from the experts how the Micro Focus Secure Content Management portfolio helps protect your organization’s most sensitive legacy and live data throughout its lifecycle to mitigate risk and cost.

Secure content management use cases

Secure content management use cases
Screen chart
Application retirement and optimization

Simplify the retirement of legacy applications and intelligent archiving of structured data to reduce cost and risk associated with aging infrastructure, cloud migration projects or merger and acquisition activities.

Lock key
Data identification and privacy (PII, PCI, PHI)

Identify sensitive and valuable information in system repositories to better address privacy mandates such as GDPR and deliver greater business insight.

Storage gear
SAP archiving

Retire legacy SAP applications and data to reduce operating costs and resources. Unify the management and archiving of SAP data to improve compliance, information sharing and control.

Network 1
Global policy management

Simplify the preservation and retention of business content (at scale) across multiple jurisdictions according to the latest legal mandates. Eliminate the need for a large team of legal professionals to research retention law and another team of records professionals to manually apply the policy to content.

Book 3
SharePoint governance

Balance the long term governance needs of the business (for all content) with the day to day collaboration wants of staff. Transparently govern SharePoint content for better information security and compliance without negatively impacting the user experience.

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