IT Operations Management

ITOM tools to accelerate your IT operations to the speed of DevOps.

Announcing Containerized Microservices Platform

Gain cross-domain insights, control, and accelerated delivery with the industry’s first containerized microservices platform. Enterprise Management Associates analyst Dennis Drogseth calls it, “...a true architecture designed for compelling levels of integration and customization, with distinctive strengths in deployment, scalability, and versatility". Learn the strategy behind the platform from Tom Goguen, SVP and General Manager of ITOM.

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Drive down operational costs

Our solutions are easier to deploy and manage, easily bridging the gap between traditional and digital enterprises while reducing cost and time to value.

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Deliver services at the speed of DevOps

With our container deployment foundation, software is installed, scaled, and updated within minutes. And automation, machine learning, and pervasive analytics drive real-time analysis and remediation.

Manage dynamic, modern workloads

Get ahead of a new generation of applications and infrastructure with container lifecycle management – enabling you to provision, ensure compliance and security, and monitor and remediate these new workloads.

Improve collaboration and user experience

Empower cross-functional teams to collaborate quickly and effectively with ChatOps. Give them greater awareness, transparency, and trust with modern user experiences and business value dashboards.

Enabling customer success with industry-leading ITOM innovations.

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