Solutions that unify development and operations to accelerate business innovation and meet market demands.

Understanding the DevOps transformation

DevOps is about removing constraints, improving quality and accelerating delivery. Here’s a quick overview that explains how:

Roadmap of the DevOps cycle

Roadmap of the DevOps cycle
Financial 2
Quicker time-to-market

Faster release of apps with automation of integrated build, test and deployment process.

Increased efficiency

Increase developer and operational efficiency by managing your infrastructure as code.

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Positive customer feedback

Improve customer experience with immediate feedback loops and continuous improvement.

Accelerate to the speed of business
Accelerate to the speed of business

Application development and IT operations teams travel different roads. To accelerate delivery at the speed of business, these roads must converge. Learn the four key steps to a successful implementation of DevOps in this infographic.


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Lessons from a DevOps initiative

This Frost & Sullivan report follows HP IT on its journey towards DevOps. It faced common challenges: breaking down silos and shifting organizational roles; convincing skeptics; choosing the right pilot projects; and identifying new ways to measure success. But it succeeded.

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Lessons from a DevOps initiative
Quick DevOps drives success
Quick DevOps drives success

How fast is your app delivery? How can you move faster? Take this Forrester app lifecycle self-assessment and find out! In less than two minutes, you’ll get customized results and recommendations that will help you speed up your app development lifecycle.

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Keep pace as the idea economy accelerates

Business innovation directly depends on the speed of software innovation. More and more, IT leaders are turning to DevOps to increase velocity and quality in the never-ending race to keep pace with business. Watch this Discover 2015 London presentation to see why.

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What DevOps can do for you

Business is defined by software, and the speed of business innovation—and therefore the need for software innovation—is measured in minutes. Check out this live interview from Discover 2015 London to learn how DevOps can help your software keep up with your business.

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Three things to consider now

Business is accelerating at an all-time fast pace and it can be difficult for IT to keep up. Tune in to this interview from Discover 2015 London to learn how you can accelerate IT delivery and meet business demand for agility and velocity across the enterprise.

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World Quality Report
World Quality Report

Review the trends on testing and quality assurance to prepare for a successful year.

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