Data Security and Encryption

Data-centric security solutions that safeguard data throughout its entire lifecycle—at rest, in motion, in use—across the cloud, on-premise and mobile environments with continuous protection.

Simplify the protection of your sensitive data

Micro Focus Data Security drives leadership in data-centric security and encryption solutions. With over 80 patents and 51 years of expertise we protect the world’s largest brands and neutralize breach impact by securing sensitive data at rest, in use and in motion. Our solutions provide advanced data encryption, tokenization and key management that protect sensitive data across enterprise applications, data processing IT, cloud, payments ecosystems, mission critical transactions, storage and big data platforms. Micro Focus Data Security solves one of the industry’s biggest challenges: how to simplify the protection of sensitive data in even the most complex use cases.

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PCI solutions and tokenization

Meet industry compliance and audit requirements PCI, PCI-DSS, NIST & ANSI standards with, Micro Focus Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM)Micro Focus SecureData tokenization, and Micro Focus ESKM key management.

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Enterprise key management

Protect, manage and control access to your business-critical keys with Micro Focus Enterprise Secure Key Manager, a cryptographic appliance with open Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standards, for meeting compliance on Micro Focus and non-Micro Focus storage & server environments.

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Hardware security module

Protect payments and financial transaction with Micro Focus hardware security modules and which is a FIPS 140-2, level 3 appliance.

Tokenization and encryption

Micro Focus SecureData’s data-centric security makes encryption and tokenization of data simple for complex use cases including: PCI Compliance, data de-identification and protection of PII/PHI.

Micro Focus Software Launches GDPR Starter Kit
Micro Focus Software launches GDPR starter Kit

Micro Focus Software announces the availability of a GDPR Starter Kit, which helps organizations take a critical first step in preparing for the European Union’s looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Industry’s first FIPS-Validated FPE solution

Micro Focus SecureData has achieved the industry’s first Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 validation of Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE). Now, government agencies can leverage the same technology for cybersecurity in the private sector.

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Industry’s First FIPS-Validated FPE Solution
First-to-Market Data-centric IoT Security
First-to-market data-centric IoT security

Micro Focus SecureData for Hadoop and IoT, designed to easily secure sensitive information that is generated and transmitted across Internet of Things environments, with Micro Focus Format-preserving Encryption now integrates with the NiFi ecosystem.


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Enable GDPR compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) suggests the use of encryption and pseudonymization as approaches to protect sensitive data. Learn how Micro Focus Format-Preserving Encryption preserves business functionality while fulfilling encryption functions.

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Enable GDPR Compliance
Data futures – protecting the changing value of data

RSA 2017 Keynote from Terence Spies on how new cryptographic models, including quantum cryptography, homomorphic cryptography and Blockchain, protect both the current and future value of data.

Taking a data-centric approach to security

From Discover 2016, a quick overview of data-centric security; protecting data at-rest, in-motion and in-use, and how it can help with data privacy, compliance and GDPR regulations.

Data security protection for HPE Helion
Data security protection for HPE Helion

Micro Focus Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) and Micro Focus SecureData along with HPE Helion enable enterprises to extend data to the cloud computing solutions with a high level of security assurance.


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Micro Focus SecureData for Microsoft Azure Cloud

Micro Focus SecureData for Microsoft Azure Cloud is a data-centric approach to protection. The access policy travels with the data, permitting data encryption and tokenization and eliminating the cost and complexity of issuing and managing encryption keys.


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Micro Focus SecureData for Microsoft Azure Cloud
Loeb Consulting relies on SecureData

Loeb Consulting uses Micro Focus SecureData to protect sensitive corporate information for major enterprises to help Secure Big Data environments with minimal impacts to speed and system capabilities.


PCI compliance with Micro Focus ESKM and Micro Focus NonStop

A Slovenian payment processor wanted to ensure PCI compliance for processing payment authorizations. They deployed Micro Focus Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) to enable automated key management for encrypted data-at-rest volumes on Micro Focus NonStop servers.


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PCI compliance with HPE ESKM and HPE NonStop
Secure Analytics in Hadoop and Big Data

Kevin Goode discusses the importance of securing sensitive data as Inmar provides its supply chain, healthcare & retail customers with analytic insights for business innovations. Inmar encrypts Hadoop data at the source, with Micro Focus SecureData and FPE.


Securing data across industries

Allegiant Travel, VISA and Inmar share how they meet data security and compliance standards with Micro Focus SecureData and Micro Focus Atalla, supporting cost reduction, and increased revenue in Big Data analytics, eCommerce and Payments use cases.

Securing Traveler Info Helps Revenues Take Off
Securing traveler info helps revenues take off

To keep passengers’ credit card data protected, this airline deployed powerful encryption and stateless tokenization — with an additional benefit.


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Kung Fu Panda: Master of data security

Master Po Ping, the Global Chief Protection Officer of DreamWorks Animation gets a little help from Micro Focus Security to watch over DreamWorks’ data kingdom, where hundreds of employees around the world share confidential digital files.

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