Business Continuity

Keeping your systems available and your information protected—while minimizing cost and complexity

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Discover the new: Business Continuity

Hear from Roy Ritthaler, VP Product Marketing IT Operations, as he unveils Micro Focus’ new Business Continuity portfolio which helps companies to be always protected, always available – without complexity and cost.

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Confidence without complexity or cost

You must ensure essential systems, services, and data are always protected and available while optimizing costs and improving operational efficiency. Are you striking the critical balance?

Storage gear
Reliable file, print, email, and storage services

Site-to-site failover and multi-site clusters ensure seamless data transfer in case of service interruption or disaster.

Shield 5
Proactive, intelligent approach to protecting data

Advanced security and analytics provide the best defense against growing cyberattack threats.

Lock key
Secure and reliable data protection

Automatic, continuous backup protects endpoint information upon file creation or modification.

Cost-effective service continuity

Hardware appliance and software mirroring options deliver better recovery performance than tape (< 1-hour RTO & RPO) for far less cost than traditional high-availability solutions.

Back-up 1
Foresight, insight, and hindsight into backup and recovery

File, predictive, and operational analytics provide insight into backup operations to better meet SLAs, reduce storage cost and footprint, and enable smart data management.

Continuous and available systems and services from the core to the edge

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