Application Development, Test, and Delivery

Accelerated delivery. Continuous quality. Build, test, and deliver innovative software faster with less risk.

From code to customer, build the deployment pipeline for your unique environment.

Global competition demands innovative apps that meet all customer expectations. Software teams must adapt to the volume and velocity of evolving business requirements. Micro Focus’ application development and application testing tools can help you plan, develop, test, release, and monitor apps for continuous delivery of a superior user journey.

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Centralized tracking and management of app needs, Agile team progress

Development and operations teams must clearly understand business objectives. Align objectives, app development processes and tasks, tools for Agile planning, and both project and requirements management.

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Visibility and control across complex projects

Achieve control, visibility, and agility in the software supply chain, even when app delivery spans multiple projects, distributed development teams, and disparate management tools.

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Acceleration of software testing across all applications

Meet the demands of continuous application delivery without compromising quality. We support functional, mobile, performance, and application security testing across a range of platforms and environments.

Orchestration of continuous-delivery pipeline

Release software fast and more reliably by automating deployment. We help you provision all delivery environments with full-stack deployment to physical, virtual, container, and cloud-based environments.

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Consistent user experience every time, on any device

Reduce risk from poor app performance; quickly identify scale and reliability problems. Our app testing tools help you monitor root causes and functionality issues to ensure user satisfaction and shrink mean time to repair.

Move your apps along the pipeline with ease at every step

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