Functional Testing Solutions

Modern QA teams need to test complex applications, start testing earlier, and run more tests – all while spending less money.

UFT knowledge can be leveraged when using LeanFT:

  • Adopts UFT concepts of Test Objects and Descriptions
  • Uses UFT's Object Identification mechanisms
  • Adopts/Enhances UFT's tools

Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Make automated testing more efficient and help developers and testers collaborate


A powerful, lightweight testing solution for continuous integration and testing

Develop tests in Visual Studio using C#
Develop tests in Eclipse using Java
Open Source TDD & BDD Framework Integration
Source Control / Version Control Tools
Subversion & Git only
Application Models
Visual API Testing / Web Services Testing
Business Process Testing (BPT) Integration
Record and Playback
Scripting only
Insight (image based object capture)

Know the difference

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Test early, test often, test continuously.

New technologies and processes designed to deliver greater business return have created challenges
 for the entire IT function, and none more so than functional testing. Agile, hybrid, and other iterative application development processes mean testing needs to take place earlier in the lifecycle, often on partial applications or features rather than complete applications. Composite applications with headless business-logic layers, shared services, and integrations into other applications require a different approach to testing because much of the functionality is not revealed through the user interface (GUI).
The evolution to mobile has increased expectations of application quality and functionality while dramatically increasing the number of environments to test.

HP’s functional testing solutions allow modern QA teams to test complex applications, start testing earlier, and run more tests—all while reducing costs.

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