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HPE Security Research is a globally recognized security research group that delivers market-leading, vulnerability research and security intelligence essential to the modern enterprise.

Threat Intelligence You Can Use

Welcome to the Gray Room, where you will find threat intelligence from HPE Security's research underground. Learn how to address and mitigate the threats your enterprise is facing by reviewing the thought leadership content available in our Security Research Library.



                                                                                 Threat and Vulnerability Research

Intelligent Security and Operations

Get industry research and best practices from HPE Security Industry experts to help you mitigate threats and provide efficient and effective security to your organization.

Harness the Power of Community

HPE Threat Central enables enterprises to collaborate via a community-sourced security intelligence platform that incorporates dynamic threat analysis scoring to produce relevant, actionable intelligence to combat advanced cyber threats. Read the Threat Central data sheet. Join the community.


Data sheet


Threat Central: Harness the Power of Community


(PDF 314KB)



Are You Addressing Your Greatest Vulnerability?






How Security Research Influences Security Products


(3:22 Minutes)




OSINT Weekly Recap

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Threat Central

Actionable threat intelligence and analysis via our cloud-based sharing platform.


Security Operations

Intelligent security operations software that provide broad visibility to find and mitigate threats more effectively.

Enterprise Security Training

Enterprise Security University

Expert instruction to optimize your security operations and your security investments.

Data Security

Data Security & Encryption

Protect, manage, and control access to sensitive data.

Application Security

Fortify Application Security

Static and dynamic application security testing to find and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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