Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance Testing


            LoadRunner                                                                  Performance Center                                             StormRunner Load

Performance Testing Solutions

Best- in-class product suite for testing any application and complex scenario, on premise or in the cloud: LoadRunner, Performance Center and StormRunner Load.

The comprehensive portfolio will give you depth and breath of supported protocols, assets and license centralization, advanced reporting capabilities, lab management, and so much more. Integrations with many open source and proprietary tools will simplify your continuous delivery process.

Combine the power of the three tools with access to the industry’s largest community of testing practitioners and there’s no performance challenge that can’t be beat. Because performance matters.

Web Testing for eCommerce

How do you know your web can handle millions of concurrent users? Web traffic spikes aren’t just a concern for retailer during Black Friday/Cyber Monday or when running sales promotions. University enrollment and the health insurance industry are hit hard during open enrollment periods, yet those that break the latest news are vulnerable at any given time. Every industry has its peak traffic and its associated threats to web and app performance. See how Micro Focus can help.

Why is Effective Performance Engineering Necessary?


To deliver 5-star results, you need to build effective performance engineering into every aspect of the enterprise. Find out how to determine which performance metrics you need to accelerate in this eBook.

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Extending the Value of Open Source Software Testing Suites

Open source software testing tools are great—but they don’t give you everything you need to fully test your software and deliver high-quality enterprise capabilities.

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Performance Testing Solutions

Cloud Testing

StormRunner Load

Simple and intuitive cloud-based mobile and website load testing to see real-time performance metrics to issues.

Performance Center

Testing Center of Excellence

Enterprise performance testing: standardize processes, centralize resources and build a CoE.

Load Testing


Load testing solution with unmatched power and flexibility.

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization

Simulate and test real-world network conditions to improve application accuracy, reliability and performance.

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