Load Testing Software

Get an accurate picture of system performance using app testing tools—and resolve issues before they go live.

Want a 5 Star User Experience?

Then you need a fast and reliable performance testing solution that provides accurate application performance information. HPE's market-leading LoadRunner application testing software have everything that you need to test the performance of diverse application types. It is easy to use, comprehensive, affordable, used by more than 10,000 customers worldwide and has the largest community of performance testers and performance engineers.

Supports a Wide Range of Apps

Drastically reduce the amount of time and skill required to simulate user transactions in load testing software.

Continuous Testing

Integrate load testing into your development tools: IDE, jUnit, nUnit, Jenkins, Selenium and Microsoft Visual Studio. Starting with version 12.55, you can run your JMeter scripts and integrate JMeter with additional script types in any performance test.

Root Cause Analytics

Identify performance bottlenecks by using seamless integrated real-time performance monitors that leverage application-layer and code-level data for root cause and analytics.

LoadRunner now supports Dynatrace integration, so you can:

  • Integrate Dynatrace graphs during online execution
  • Measure hundreds of metrics in each test run
  • View combined results in Analysis report

A Better Customer Experience at Far Less Cost

Read how LoadRunner helps Channel 4 save $186,000 a year in employment costs—and gain another $186,000 in higher productivity.

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Announcing the launch of LoadRunner v.12.55

In today’s era of ever-increasing product complexity and shorter release cycle times, many applications cannot maintain consistent performance. LoadRunner and Performance Center 12.55 empower teams to manage complexity, giving DevOps teams access to a full spectrum of standard tools, technologies, utilities, and other resources so they can quickly and easily code performance testing into apps and things.

See What's New in v12.55

Now Even Easier

Try out the new innovative console in LoadRunner Version 12.55. It makes managing software test planning and execution even easier than before.

  • Test It All: Web, Mobile and Hundreds Other Types of Apps

    With 50+ protocols, you can easily test a huge range of applications including web, mobile, Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java, GWT, Silverlight, SOAP, Citrix, ERP and more. LoadRunner supports the latest application technologies as well as the legacy ones.

  • Recording Summary Report

    The gathered information shown in the report allows the user to potentially make decisions regarding his application design, whether by observing the number of requests, size of data sent and received, type of data etc. Furthermore, using the report makes removing the unwanted requests (such as Google statistics, ads, third-party data) from the script much easier and faster.

  • IoT ready: New protocol – MQTT

    MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) protocol is a Machine to Machine (M2M) protocol widely used in Internet of things (IoT). When using the new LoadRunner MQTT protocol, a user can emulate MQTT clients and design and execute performance testing of MQTT-based IoT systems.

  • Providing a Better Insight in Deep-dive Root Cause Analysis of Performance Bottlenecks

    The NV (Network Virtualization) Insights report can help you improve the performance of your application by identifying potentially problematic issues in your transactions and providing recommendations for optimizing network traffic. With the Client-side Breakdown Report your teams can view statistics that help measure the quality of the user experience for your application.

  • View, Dissect, and Compare the Results of the Load Tests

    When you execute a load test scenario, Vusers generate result data as they perform their transactions. The Analysis tool provides graphs and reports enabling you to view and understand the data, and analyze system performance after a test run.


With 50+ protocols, you can easily test a huge range of applications including web, mobile, Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java, GWT, Silverlight, SOAP, Citrix, ERP and more. LoadRunner supports the latest application technologies as well as the legacy ones.

Modernize Performance Testing

How do you keep pace with ever-increasing user expectations in the face of accelerating release cycles, mushrooming IT complexity, and massive scalability requirements? Not to mention new initiatives such as digital transformation, transition to Agile methods, incorporation of Big Data and predictive analytics, and exploration of the Internet of Things (IoT).

(PDF 1.6 MB)

Take Control With a Framework for App Performance

Are you seeing two stars instead of five? Check out this interactive brochure. It details an application performance framework that spans the application lifecycle, and eight best practices that will help you drive ongoing optimization of your application software performance.

(PDF 2.06 MB)

Run Performance Tests for Free

Run tests by using LoadRunner, now available at no cost for an unlimited time.


Case Study

Channel 4 Automates Performance Testing of Agile Online Services


(PDF 333 KB)

Case Study

JetBlue Airways Corp. - Airline Innovation Leader Leverages HPE Software


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Transform testing with HPE LoadRunner and Performance Center software - What’s new in version 12.55


(PDF 1.14 MB)

Blog post

Continuous Performance Testing Using Jenkins CI / CD Pipelines

White Paper

Modernize application performance testing HPE LoadRunner and Performance Center 12.55


(PDF 1.40 MB)

Data sheet

LoadRunner and Performance Center protocol bundle 12.55


(PDF 101 KB)

Case Study

Hexware Technologies - IT Outsourcing Firm Leverages HPE Software 


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Case Study

Independent Health Association, Inc. - FIrm Uses HPE AppPulse Active


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