IT Operations Management


IT Operations at the speed of DevOps.
  • Consumable Suites
    Applications are accelerating the Digital Enterprise. To succeed, your IT must accelerate to the speed of DevOps, and evolve to continuous operations driven by three core requirements—Easier, Faster and Transformative.
  • Container Deployment
    Leveraging the Container Deployment Foundation, microservices, and big data analytics, we offer the ITOM Platform, enabling continuous operations for modern IT.
  • Analytics & ChatOps
    Continuous change and modern user expectations are the new normal, but traditional tools lack dynamic functionality to deliver in this manner. Our innovations in analytics, ChatOps and container lifecycle management empower IT Operations to transform to be analytics driven, intrinsically automated, and collaborative, making IT smarter and more responsive.
Consumable Suites
Consumable Suites
Modern IT Operations Management tools bridge the gap between traditional IT, the new digital enterprise and fast paced new business initiatives in a straightforward way. Our six ITOM suites, are prescriptive, integrated and easy to consume through simplified pricing and licensing models.
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Die Mobiliar Transforms
Operations Efficiency
Die Mobiliar explains how HPE Operations Bridge increases user satisfaction by lowering mean time to resolution by 50%.
Hybrid Cloud Management
DevOps driven, multi-cloud management, orchestration and migration.
Operations Bridge
The first containerized, service-oriented autonomous monitoring solution for hybrid IT.
Data Center Automation
Automate enterprise-scale provisioning, patching, and compliance across servers, databases, and middleware.
IT Service Management Automation
Engaging end-user experience and efficient service management with analytics and machine learning.
Data Center Automation
Manage, automate, and ensure compliance for traditional, virtual, and software-defined networks.
IT Service Management Automation
Enterprise backup and disaster recovery software for data-centric protection across heterogeneous environments.
Container Deployment
IT Operations Management
Container Deployment
IT operations needs a new approach to overcome the mismatch between development’s ability to deliver, and IT operation’s ability to deploy applications. Leveraging the Container Deployment Foundation, microservices, and big data analytics, we offer the ITOM Platform, enabling continuous operations for modern IT.
  • Shareable and composable microservices easily integrated across ITOM domains.
  • Flexible deployment includes on-premise, in public cloud, and private cloud
  • End-to-end AIOps environment, delivering insights across use cases not achievable with standalone solutions
  • Built-in Orchestration and ChatOps capabilities for cross-domain workflow and collaboration
  • Development ecosystem built on containers and Microservices for quick, customized value
Container Deployment
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Announcing the ITOM Platform
Tom Goguen discusses exciting, new R&D developments in containerized deployment and how customers can achieve unprecedented time-to-value.
Analytics & ChatOps
Analytics & ChatOps
Analytics & ChatOps
New dynamic applications and infrastructures transform IT Operations into analytics driven, intrinsically automated, and increasingly collaborative environments, making IT smarter and more responsive.
  • Pervasive Analytics drive proactive and predictive capabilities, delivering early warning, in-depth analysis and automated remediation of issues.
  • ChatOps drives highly collaborative interactions within IT and DevOps Teams.
  • Container Lifecycle Management provides design, deployment, provisioning, monitoring and configuration management for containerized applications.
  • Business Value Dashboards deliver exceptional insight and user engagement.
Transforming IT with Innovation
Complex IT environments are constantly changing, and as a result, IT must transform by improving collaboration, increasing automation and leveraging pervasive analytics. We can help you transform your data center with innovations to help IT Ops move at the speed of DevOps.
Gartner’s Market Guide for AIOps Platforms
Micro Focus (formerly HPE) Operations Bridge is a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for AIOPs Platforms.
ChatOps—Collaborative IT Ops
Learn how ChatOps can enhance IT Operations Management with powerful collaboration capabilities empowering cross-functional teams to self-organize quickly and effectively. With ChatOps, teams have greater awareness, transparency, and trust.

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