Business Value Dashboard

Operations through a Business Lens

Need to handle modern Hybrid IT and Internet of Things environments? Need to do more with less, cut costs and increase operations efficiency? Watch the short video.

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Real-time Insights. Faster Decision-making.

For too long, IT Operations has relied on daily or weekly reports to publish information that frankly few business and IT executives find useful. Now a real-time editorial provides constant updates that adds business color to IT data. Sub-second refresh means executives can study business and IT health at a glance. This stunning capability empowers all executives to make smarter decisions on the fly and see their results. At last IT can provide the means to not only show its value, but also become a more strategic business partner.

Key Features

Real-time Editorial

The Business Value Dashboard displays all the information it receives into the predefined templates with sub-second refresh rates.

Designed Using Standard Office Tools

Use tools like Microsoft Visio to design the template outline view, colours to denote status, graphs to show trends, and include eye catching graphics to render the display both pleasing and useful.

Use Anywhere

Display on practically any device that supports modern browsers including tablets, smartphones, PCs.

Making the board smile with HPE BVD

Are you wondering what these business dashboard types are? Do you want to learn how Gartner explains their point of view on the value of these innovations and see how HPE Software can provide them to you? Our Gartner Newsletter is the report for you.

Operations Through A Business Lens

HPE Business Value Dashboard helps you align IT operations with the business. You can use BVD to create custom, flexible business intelligence dashboards that can be accessed anywhere, anytime from any device. Through custom integrations and graphing, you can review relevant information that will aid in decision-making and improve business. Watch the video now!

(2:50 Minutes)

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BVD: Get Started Now!




BVD: Data Integratrion - Part 1



Over the Business Rainbow – A New HP Business “Heads up Display”



Sense, analyze, adapt: HPE Operations Bridge

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BVD: Data Integration - Part 2



Building your HPE BVD - Using Tags



Speedy Cape2Cape Globe Trotting – Connecting You To The Driver

Solution brief


Business-Color your IT Data

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