eDiscovery Software

eDiscovery Software

eDiscovery Software

eDiscovery Software

Perform key aspects of electronic discovery across the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) framework.

HPE eDiscovery Technology

HPE eDiscovery is the industry’s most complete solution for responding to legal matters and investigations. With a wide range of features built into a single electronic discovery software application—including data processing, ECA, clustering, visual analytics, and Technology Assisted Review—you can perform tasks from identification through production, without the added risk and cost of switching applications at various EDRM stages.

Key Benefits

  • Create a comprehensive and defensible process: From ingestion through review – one tool – one technology. No risky data hand-offs between tools and systems.
  • Reduce overall eDiscovery costs: Apply predictive technology to expedite the analysis and increase the accuracy of review for large volumes of data, resulting in significant savings during document review.
  • Respond to investigations quickly and efficiently: Use analytics and early case assessment strategies to determine legal strategy and focus document review on relevant documents.
  • Completely understand all your data: Access hundreds of file formats (including audio and video) in hundreds of languages, for comprehensive search and review.

High Tech

Electronic Legal Discovery Made Faster, Cheaper

Find out how HPE’s own Legal team streamlined its electronic discovery process by using Technology Assisted Review—and saved over $1.5M.

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Enterprise eDiscovery White Board


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Data sheet

HPE Legal Hold Data Sheet


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HPE eDiscovery Brochure


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End-To-End eDiscovery Brochure


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White paper

Key Issues for eDiscovery and Legal Compliance: An Osterman Research White Paper


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