Data Center Automation

Data Center Automation

Automate provisioning, patching, and compliance for enterprise-scale deployments

  • Reduce Cost

    Standardize automation across multi-vendor servers, database, and middleware

  • Increase Speed

    Orchestrate cross-silo provisioning, patching, compliance to achieve consistent, high-quality processes

  • Reduce Risk

    Detect and remediate vulnerability and compliance risks proactively across the data center

Automated Provisioning, Patching, Compliance

Manual, disparate tasks? Automated. Silo processes? Orchestrated. Critical vulnerability and compliance exposure? Proactively managed, remediated on-demand. Audit-ready? Yes, with a single-view risk and compliance dashboard. Extensible out-of-the-box content such as OS build plans, orchestration workflows, and compliance benchmarks. And all of this across physical and virtual servers, database, and middleware.

Data Center Automation Difference

Ongoing, integrated compliance with market-leading out-of-the-box compliance benchmarks and closed-loop remediation. Open-API orchestration engine for seamless data center integration—integrate with anything. Container-based deployment for easy installs and effortless scale-out.

Eliminate manual hand-offs globally, reduce patching times from six weeks to one week, run compliance on-demand for PCI and SOX audits—all this achieved by our customers.

Key Features, What’s New, and All The Details

New features such as container-based deployment, role-based access control, high availability, and ChatOps collaboration tool with Hubot. Three DCA Suite editions to meet infrastructure management needs for provisioning, patching, and compliance.

Video: Data Center Automation Overview

Data Center Automation delivers fast, consistent, secure, and cost-effective services to make IT more efficient—and your business more competitive.

Introducing Container Deployment Foundation and Data Center Automation

The future is now. Transforming to the digital enterprise requires simple, fast and innovative solutions. We are taking the lead with a new containerized solution that delivers a robust suite of capabilities and microservices, fast.  Providing rapid install & flexible deployment options through Shared Services, Content, and Repository to enable built-in scaling. Combined with agile delivery and predictable releases, Data Center Automation capabilities will expand with your demand, empowering your business growth. Read the blog post by Tom Goguen, GM/VP of ITOM, to learn more about the exciting innovations in the ITOM Suites.


ROI Whitepaper


Just add your real customer data to this interactive white paper and gain visibility into just how much savings Data Center Automation would mean for your business.  



Telefónica Reduces Costs and Accelerates Service Delivery


(2:46 Minutes)



Kuveyt Turk Cuts Data Center Migration Risk with Automation


(2:09 Minutes)



European Financial Firms Boosts IT Efficiency with Automation


(3:00 Minutes)



Data Center Automation: Delivering Compliance at Scale


(0:33 Minutes)

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