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Micro Focus Enterprise Standard Support

In our always-on economy, businesses run 24 hours a day. Long gone are the days when staff arrived at 8am and departed at 5pm. Your customers are online day and night. This is why your IT staff needs fast 24-hour access to Micro Focus experts who can diagnose and resolve issues as well as give advice on Micro Focus software product features. Micro Focus Enterprise Support gives your business the right level of service to meet the demands of today’s economy. This page offers information on Enterprise Support, our standard support offering. For more information on our advanced support offerings please see the Micro Focus FlexCare Support page.

Introducing Micro Focus Enterprise Standard Support

As our standard offering and a prerequisite to FlexCare Support, Enterprise Support helps you experience maximum value from your investment in your Micro Focus software. By providing you with fast 24-hour access to our experts who can diagnose and resolve your issues, we have the knowledge to increase uptime, reduce total cost of ownership, and drive efficient business outcomes. We have been doing this for many years, and we have proven our worth to thousands of clients across the world.

Introducing the Software Support portfolio

Enterprise Standard Support will enable your business to take advantage of:

  • Software Updates: Get the latest updates, new features, and available solutions.
  • Access: Take advantage of online, around the clock, self-solve support.
  • Stability: Increase system performance and reduce downtime.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: Enable quicker time to resolution and reduce resource consumption.
  • Problem Resolution: Gain access to technical resources and Micro Focus experts.
  • Defined Response Time Objectives: Know when to expect an initial response to a problem raised.
  • Optimization: Optimize your IT environment with our technical expertise.
  • Communication: Receive proactive notifications about new software versions and patches, participate in discussion forums, and search our extensive online knowledge base

Exchange ideas and enhance your software knowledge with access to:

FlexCare Credits (available for both Enterprise Standard and FlexCare Support customers)

FlexCare Credits provide you with a flexible way to source short term reactive and proactive support services in the form of FlexCare Credit Packages. FlexCare Credit Packages are standalone, pre-packaged support services which can be purchased at the time of your support contract renewal or anytime throughout the life of your support contract. 

Choose from a menu of over forty FlexCare Credit Packages through the FlexCare Credit Menu. A wide range of packages are available, including on-site and remote guidance and assistance for: out of hours dedicated support, installations, upgrades, migrations. Additional FlexCare Credit Packages are also available: trouble shooting and mentoring workshops, new feature and configuration mentoring, software education, health checks, and many more!

Find out how FlexCare Credits can support you in the FlexCare Credit Menu and watch the ‘Understanding FlexCare Credits’ video to find out more!

Need a greater level of Support? Find out about FlexCare Support!

Our FlexCare Support portfolio offers a wide range of proactive and reactive support services designed to meet the needs of your business. Whether you want to speak to the same expert each time you call, need a technical advisor, or need someone to review your software support strategy, our FlexCare Support portfolio has a suitable offering for you!

Meet the Software Support organization

For many years, our IT experts and wealth of resources have helped thousands of customers to optimize their IT environments and respond effectively to business demands. As a global software support organization, our goal is to protect your software investment and empower your business with world-class technical support expertize and comprehensive reactive and proactive support.

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