Connected MX

Connected MX

Connected MX

Discover how Connected MX provides enterprise endpoint protection for secure information access, sharing and backup without compromising mobile workforce productivity.

Policy-based endpoint protection with rule-based file sync and sharing.

  • Advanced endpoint backup and recovery—Offers continuous, WAN-optimized, and secure endpoint data protection.
  • Information visibility and accessibility—Enables information accessibility on any device by authorized users with support for Windows®, Apple, Android, iOS, and Web browsers.
  • Enterprise grade deployment and administration capabilities—Empowers admins with tools and real-time analytics to manage their Connected MX environment, end-user accounts, and endpoint information.
  • Information security—Delivers secure mobile information protection and access through encryption, granular data privileges, and federated authentication.
  • Policy-based control—Delivers information control and management through policy “drift” compliance, policy-based protection, rule-based file sharing, and information access scoping policies.
  • File and folder sync and share—This optional feature provides sharing capabilities in a single platform to improve mobile workforce productivity.

Here’s how it works for IT:



    Define or import the organizational hierarchy, create or import user accounts, and align end-users to hierarchy.



    Build the policies that define what is continuously backed up, what kind of information can be shared, who it can be shared with, and what devices it can be synced to.



    Use the advanced reporting capabilities to monitor policy adherence, ensure information access compliance, and identify information custodians.

Here’s how it works for the End-User:


    Access and Install

    Log in to HPE Connected MX using the link in the welcome email, complete your user profile, and download the endpoint agent to start protecting your data and gain access to it.



    Policies ensure continuous protection. Use the HPE Connected MX folder to sync data to your smartphone or tablet.  Log in to the web interface to create and manage how your data is shared.



    Accidently delete a file, lose a hard-drive, or receive a new computer – no problem.  Use HPE Connected MX to easily and immediately restore single items or complete directories.

See What Customers Are Saying About Connected MX
  • Enable each user to protect, view, and manage information on all the endpoint devices they own and the sync folder with a single user account.

  • Access and view all the files and folders on endpoint devices – both active and deleted – from a browser or a mobile app. Follow intuitive instructions to view version history, restore, download, or share the content in a few clicks.
  • Run real-time reports to get backup status, user account status, data trends, PII sharing overrides, policy audits, and more to make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Empower end-users to backup and restore data on their own with self-managed workflows. Perform point-in-time restore on files or folders to restore information to a particular date and time during disasters such as a ransomware attack.

  • Take control over backup, retention, sync, and share with policy management. Enforce policies to protect confidential information such as PII and PHI, extend retention policies to maintain file versions for a longer period of time.


Enable each user to protect, view, and manage information on all the endpoint devices they own and the sync folder with a single user account.

Endpoint Information Management for the Mobile Workforce

Watch this video to see how Connected MX helps you to protect, manage and control endpoint information without compromising ever growing, on-demand needs of your mobile workforce.


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Data sheet

Connected MX Advanced Endpoint Protection


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Data sheet

Connected MX and ESKM Secure Endpoint Devices


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Managing Mobile Information


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Qlik Reduces Risk with Enterprise-grade Cloud Backup and Recovery


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Top Reasons to Transition - HPE Connected Backup to HPE Connected MX


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Reduce Mobile Worker Data Risks

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Rochester Institute of Technology cuts backup costs with HPE Connected MX

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