Business Process Monitor (BPM)

Business Process Monitor (BPM)

Key Features

Visibility into the User Experience

Gain visibility into application performance trends and baselines. BPM provides consistent, predictable measurements that help you associate the business impact with its root cause and review affected service level agreements.

Active Monitoring

Get proactive measurements of the user experience for all types of applications, including enterprise, hybrid, cloud, and mobile.

Detect Problems Earlier

Identify problems before users do. BPM proactively identifies problems even when systems are idle and application administrators are not performing health checks.

Identify Problems Faster

Pinpoint and resolve problems more quickly. BPM isolates application problems by location, application, transaction (for example, login or check balance), cloud service provider, and other factors.

Flexible Deployment Options

Manage application performance through deployment on-premise or as a managed SaaS service.

Integrated for Enhanced Collaboration

Isolate root causes and remedy issues quickly. Powerful integration with HPE Diagnostics, and the APM foundation enable collaboration between application development and support teams.

BPM - Vodafone Ireland case study

Delivering Innovation While Controlling Costs

Vodafone Ireland delivers new services faster and faultlessly and controls its operating costs by using HP IT automation and monitoring tools.

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Business Process Monitor Screenshots

  • Get visibility into the user experience from multiple locations to monitor availability and performance of your production applications.

  • Easily spot performance issues using a performance summary of each transaction step.

  • Easily determine whether there’s a problem with the web layer (for example, the home page) or the application server or database layers.


Get visibility into the user experience from multiple locations to monitor availability and performance of your production applications.

Optimize User Experience

To deliver the best user experience, start measuring and monitoring what users actually do across all your application types. Clear visibility is the first step in the transition to a service-oriented focus. Easy-to-understand reports and dashboards present performance and availability data from a range of apps including Flex, HTML 5, .Net, Java, SOAP, ERP, and CRM.

Solve Problems Before They Affect Users

Use active transaction monitoring to identify availability and performance issues before they affect users. Active monitoring simulates business transactions and catches problems whether or not real users are active. Monitor your applications from multiple locations, inside or outside your firewalls.

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Combine BPM and RUM for Complete Control

Add Real-User Monitor (RUM) software to your BPM implementation to gain visibility into performance and availability when real users are accessing applications. This is particularly important as compared usage of common applications can vary dramatically. Identify and address negative trends before they impact users by leveraging this data to complement data generated by synthetic monitoring.




Answers to 5 common questions about HPE Business Process Monitor

Data sheet

APM Advanced for SaaS


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Data sheet

Proactively monitor end-user experience with BPM


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Data sheet

Selecting an Application Performance Management Solution

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