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Big Data Platform

Proven and scalable enterprise-class analytics and APIs through our Big Data platform offerings so that you can deliver actionable insight from all of your data without any limits or compromises.

A Guide to Achieving Big Data Analytics Maturity

Learn how your peers are achieving big data analytics maturity. TDWI surveyed over 600 organizations to learn how they are accelerating their journey to business value. See how you compare and what the key attributes are for each stage.

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Countdown to Big Data Maturity

Where are you on your journey to the business value of big data? Take your next step with confidence by taking advantage of the wealth of resources we’ve put together to guide you—including new research and fresh insights from industry analysts.

8: Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Big Data Journey

Stay on the right path. HPE experts, customers, and industry analysts offer insights about avoiding the top 8 pitfalls that can derail your big data journey.

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7: Tips for Unstructured Data Analytics

Make unstructured data work for you. Get advice from analysts, along with best practices for creating an unstructured data program that delivers real business value.

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6: Critical Capabilities for a Big Data Analytics Platform

The right Big Data analytics platform, implemented correctly, opens the door to enhancing your competitive position and achieving superior business outcomes. But what are the top six capabilities a Big Data analytics platform must deliver? Find out!

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5: Stages of Big Data Adoption

Where are you on your path? Nascent? Visionary? Or somewhere in between? Learn more about each phase—and the best ways to get from one phase to the next.

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4: Checklists for Achieving Big Data Analytics Maturity

Ready to build your company’s big data analytics competency? TDWI has created a series of 4 checklist guides to help you assess your organization, infrastructure, data management, analytics, and governance and learn about best practices. Get them all—and get to big data analytics maturity sooner.

3: Big Data Platform Engines

HPE Vertica Advanced Analytics and HPE IDOL provide you with options to explore and analyze massive volumes of business data, machine and sensor data, as well as unstructured rich human information including text, audio, and even video. HPE Haven OnDemand cloud services platform simplifies how you or your customers can turn virtually any data into an asset anytime and anywhere.

HPE Vertica Advanced AnalyticsHPE IDOLHPE Haven OnDemand

Vertica provides blazing fast speed (queries run 50-1,000x faster), petabyte-scale (store 10-30x more data per server), and openness and simplicity (use any BI/ETL tools, Hadoop, etc.) — all at 30% of the cost of traditional data warehouse solutions.


• Advanced SQL analytics at scale

• Next-generation predictive analytics

• Large scale machine learning

• Real-time clickstream and log analytics

• Secure data lake

• Native data exploration

• Open data format

• YARN-ready to support next generation Hadoop deployments

• Integrated data governance

• Native support for MapR, Hortonworks, and Cloudera

IDOL enables you to understand data from virtually any source, any format, and any location, with speed, security, and scale.


• Context-based intelligent search

• Rich media image, audio, video analytics

• Trends, patterns and relationships uncovered

• Search across over 150 languages

• Strict security standards and compliance

Haven OnDemand is a cloud based big data platform that enables you to analyze all forms of data and leverage Big Data APIs to create next-gen apps and services with ease.


• Start in minutes (<30 minutes): includes rapid start tutorials

• Apply advanced analytics: comprehensive SQL features

• Achieve maximum uptime

• Get blazing-fast insights

• Hasslefree management

• Pay-as-you-go

• Industry’s broadest set of Big Data APIs

• Vibrant community

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2: Trends in Big Data Analytics

1: Big Data Partner for Your Entire Journey

HPE is the one partner that can assist you on every phase of your journey. Our enterprise-class Big Data solutions afford you more options and choices to store, manage, and analyze your data and to build and deliver next-generation applications and services.

SQL Analytics

Vertica Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics platform that allows organizations to extract value from their Big Data.

Data Analytics


Performs unstructured text, image, audio, and video data analytics across multiple languages.

OEM Software

Big Data OEM

Embedded Big Data analytics that provide unique insight to help customers meet OEM business requirements.

Customer Support

Big Data Customer Support

World class support to ensure Big Data success.

Big Data Services

Big Data Professional Services

Harness the power of all your data with professional services.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Gain data insights and business value from the proliferation of connected devices and machines.

Go "Under the Hood" of the HPE Big Data Platform

Go behind the scenes of the HPE Big Data Platform, the only platform that enables you to harness and gain insights from 100% of your organization's data -- machine data, business data, and human data. Register for an upcoming webcast, or watch a replay of one of our many topics, delivered by our engineers.


Solution brief

Getting started with Big Data

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Scaling your Big Data initiatives

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HPE Introduces HPE Vertica 8

White paper

The Disruptive Power of Big Data

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The Analyzer of Everything: Going Far and Wide

Analyst report

Big Data Analytics Maturity Guide

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Solution brief

Building a Big Data Center of Excellence

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Where Are You on the Big Data Journey?

(2:23 minutes)


Get the Competitive Edge with Machine Learning

(May 26, 2016 )

Web event

Big Data Web Series

Analyst report

Open Analytics Architecture To Keep Up With Speed Of Business

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