Operations Smart Plug-ins

Operations Smart Plug-ins

Plug In Application Infrastructure Monitoring Expertise

Operations Smart Plug-ins (SPIs) enable you to perform business-centric service and event management, performance monitoring, and reporting on your infrastructure and application environments. SPIs are domain-expert agents that intelligently monitor based upon the specific application, device, etc. being monitored and filter out information that does not pertain. Together, Operations Smart Plug-ins, Operations Orchestration, and Operations Manager give you a comprehensive solution for your IT infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Heterogeneous monitoring of all the components of your IT Infrastructure, from hardware to application layer, across multiple vendor solutions.
  • Pre-built processes automatically discover infrastructure elements and relationships; collect detailed performance data, events, and status; correlate, aggregate, and filter–from data to information; perform automated corrective actions; and enable 24x7 autonomous operation.
  • Common architecture and components enable a short learning curve. You learn once for all monitoring needs.
  • Plug-and-play modular design easily integrates with other HPE solutions.

Smart Plug-ins

  • Event-action – Monitor key operational activities and events to provide always-on availability. Get alert messages, snapshot reports, and a rich set of tools and instructions for deeper diagnosis and faster problem resolution.
  • Performance monitoring – Predefined performance thresholds and graphs ensure your performance service levels are adequately met.
  • Service views – Auto discovery and visualization of the application topology, comprising various monitored object types and their dependencies.
  • Service reports – Out-of-the-box reports—for availability, performance, workload, and operation—enable you to provide timely, accurate information to demonstrate IT service quality levels.
  • Integration – Consolidate alerts and events generated from vendor specific monitoring software such as Oracle Enterprise Manager and SAP CCMS / Solution Manager.
  • Application high availability – Monitor applications configured in high availability deployments.
  • Customized metrics – Additional customized metrics (as applicable) are available to meet your needs.
Additional Resources

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