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Continuous quality at the speed of DevOps
  • DevOps & Continuous Testing
    Your customers expect constant innovation with high quality, while your business demands fast and predictable application delivery. You can achieve both. With Continuous Testing fueled by advanced test automation, dev-test collaboration and constant feedback, you’ll never have to choose between DevOps speed and application quality.
  • Predictive ALM
    New software architectures and platforms drive complexity of application lifecycle management (ALM) to the point of chaos. To keep pace, your teams must identify what matters most. Predictive ALM software pivots IT from react and respond to predict and optimize.
  • Hybrid Delivery
    Your business’ adoption of hybrid cloud and SaaS creates new demands for your application development and testing teams, but also promises efficiency. ADM solutions meet the promise and challenge of hybrid cloud computing, and give your teams the choice they need to thrive at the speed of change.
DevOps changes
everything for QA
By 2020, DevOps initiatives will cause 50% of enterprises to implement continuous testing using frameworks and open-source tools.
Accelerate Development With Automated Testing, 16 March 2017, Gartner
Complexity to the
point of chaos
By 2020, Gartner estimates that there will be more than 20 billion connected IoT devices, and IT leaders will struggle with provisioning, managing and connecting to them; analyzing data from them; and delivering functionality to them.
Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017: Digital Technology Platforms, 21 March 2017, Gartner
Cloud/SaaS first
By 2020, 67% of all enterprise IT infrastructure and software spending will be for cloud-based offerings.
IDC Sees the Dawn of the DX Economy and the Rise of the Digital-Native Enterprise, 1 November 2016, IDC
DevOps & Continuous
Your Agile teams need to deliver quality at the speed of business. You can achieve both by shifting testing earlier in your app lifecycle and integrating testing continuously into your DevOps Pipeline. Our test automation software speeds your test development and simplifies your execution while extending your investment in open source and DevOps tools.
  • Behavior-driven development (BDD) capabilities empower teams to define tests earlier in the lifecycle.
  • Automated testing that uses open source unit test
    accelerates test creation and eases maintenance.
  • Automated functional and performance testing
    into your CI pipeline supports teams to test continuously.
  • With the ability to continually assess results, refine, and
    optimize, you can map quality to your definition of done.
Continuous Integration with Continuous Testing
Automate testing in your Continuous Integration pipelines and deliver faster without compromising on quality.
Predictive Application
Lifecycle Management
You need a new approach to Application Lifecycle Management for today’s software complexity. A predictive ALM platform built on an open architecture ties together the capabilities and data your teams need to predict and optimize.
Predictive Analytics
Learn how advanced analytics applied to the software development process generates predictions and offers recommendations for avoiding problems, managing risk, and optimizing quality.
An API-driven integration layer unlocks the value of open source development, test and DevOps tools and brings together data for visibility and insight.
Built-in automation for application development and test lab provisioning, task execution, and lifecycle handoffs speeds up delivery.
Context-based management provides a continuous view into the pipeline for code and configuration changes, and drives collaboration while supporting multiple lifecycle processes and accommodating compliance.
Predictive analytics pivots your team from react and respond to predict and optimize.
Hybrid Delivery
Create the perfect match between your application delivery management processes, resources, cost constraints and goals. Choose between SaaS, private, virtual private and public cloud-based PPM, ALM and testing solutions.
  • On-Premises or cloud-based offerings for ALM and functional, performance and security testing arms you with a flexible, on-demand dev and test environment.
  • Rapid provisioning and scalability for application, service, and user device testing both On-Premises or in the cloud speeds your time to market.
  • Built in Service & Network Virtualization breaks down the obstacles for continuous development and testing, even in the face of constrained resources.
  • Intelligent Application Performance management focuses testing where it matters most and keeps the pulse on user experience.
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