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Balance Agile development with powerful application security assistance by using our secure coding tool designed for developers.

Application Security Built in for the Developer

DevInspect is a secure coding tool designed specifically for developers who need agile development but cannot compromise on application security. It enables identification and remediation of security vulnerabilities in source code from inside the developer's environment (IDE), eliminating security flaws before the code is even compiled. DevInspect brings the power of Fortify’s industry-leading security static, dynamic and interactive application security testing technologies to produce deep, accurate and actionable security results.

Get results fast:

  • An individual developer installs DevInspect with its IDE plugin
  • Continuous scanning is ready. Users never need to leave their IDE to run assessments or consume results
    • DevInspect includes Fortify’s Security Assistant feature that will automatically identify security flaws in the code in real time
    • Robust static assessments can be triggered through the IDE at any time

For collaborative efforts:

  • Connect to Fortify Software Security Center for collaborative audits
  • Push code up to Fortify on Demand
  • Download results from Fortify on Demand
Key Features

Designed for the Developer

Fully integrated into the native development environment (IDE) and the DevOps work flow.

Instant Results

Inline analysis of the source code as the developer types, removing vulnerabilities at their source.


Continuously assess source code as code is written. Tracks findings and remediation.

Accurate Analysis

Leverages the industry leading HPE Security Fortify Static Code Analyzer right at the desktop.

Matures Seamlessly

Use stand-alone for developers and, when you are ready, seamlessly integrate with Fortify SCA and Fortify on Demand for centralized management.


Data sheet

HPE DevInspect

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Online assessment

How mature are your security operations?


Are You Addressing Your Greatest Vulnerability?

Blog post

SiteScope 11.33 integration with OMi 10.12

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