Voltage SecureData Enterprise

Protect sensitive data in the cloud

SecureData Cloud offers a platform-agnostic approach to data protection by enabling high-performance and scalability for the elasticity required by modern cloud applications. Watch our video demo now!

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Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud
Accelerate success
Fast time-to-value
Accelerate new cloud business models leveraging proven data-centric security for safe deployment of application workloads.
Agnostic and scalable

Adopt platform agnostic data protection for greater flexibility with highly-elastic applications that scale securely over time.

Cloud in
Hybrid cloud and on-premises

Support hybrid and on-premises environments through the Voltage SecureData product family.

Single management view
Embed data-centric security across on-premises and hybrid cloud IT with a single, consistent management view.
Fast AWS integration

Achieve fast time-to-value with cloud-native SecureData Cloud for AWS setup for developers.

Voltage SecureData Cloud for AWS
Voltage SecureData Cloud for AWS

Voltage SecureData Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS) accelerates an organization’s ability to adopt hybrid IT infrastructure safely. The virtual appliance solution enables organizations to seamlessly and consistently protect data between on-premises IT and the AWS cloud.

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Enterprise cloud security

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud computing to gain market advantages and economic savings. Sensitive data that moves into and across cloud-based infrastructures increases the risk of data loss or compliance violations. Sensitive data needs to be protected at the point of creation, before it moves out of the enterprise or as it is entering the cloud. The right cloud data protection strategy requires a data-centric approach, which is extensible and adaptable across multiple applications and systems in the cloud.

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Enterprise cloud security
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