Voltage SecureMail

Reliable Email Encryption

Ensure sensitive materials stay protected by adding end-to-end email encryption to Office 365.

Ease of Use

Voltage SecureMail enables decryption on desktop, web, and mobile, by both internal and external users and supports scanning and filtering for all inbound and outbound email

Data-centric email protection

Voltage SecureMail encrypts data and attachments so that if a security breach does occur, the encrypted content is of no value to the attacker. Attachments are stored on internal not external servers.

Lock key
Stateless key management

Using standards-based Voltage Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) means no keys to manage or store. Voltage SecureMail requires minimal administrative or infrastructure support and allows for global scaling.

Easy Integration

Voltage SecureMail seamlessly integrates with essential email infrastructure such as anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, and mail archives.

Finger print
Security on Office 365

Voltage SecureMail adds end-to-end encryption to Office 365, with flexible deployment options, additional compliance and collaboration features, ease of use and full privacy in the cloud.

Flexible deployment options

Voltage SecureMail supports on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid deployments, as well as cloud email services such as Office 365. The solution works with Outlook, Exchange, and mobile device management.

Gain peace of mind in the cloud

There’s no question: end-to-end email encryption is a must. In this ebook, learn what key analysts recommend for Office 365, and why Voltage SecureMail is the most widely deployed email security solution.

Achieve end-to-end email security without impacting the user experience
Rethinking email encryption
Digital Guardian relies on SecureMail
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